What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Every time we receive an invitation to a wedding, the first question we ask ourselves is always the same: ” What do I wear ?”. We women are always undecided and could spend hours in front of the mirror before deciding what to wear;then if we have to attend a wedding where both the bride and the other invited will be in great shape, the right dell’outfit choice becomes even more difficult because we too want to be flawless and we do not want to look bad!

If you’re planning a wedding in the coming weeks and not have a clue what to wear, do not despair! Very little is needed to solve the problem: choose a dress with accessories and Enhance It and the right jewelry. You will not need more!

Here are 10 dresses to choose from if you want to be the invited perfect!

Day Ceremony

If the ceremony takes place during the day, bets on the colors. You can choose dresses with bright colors such as yellow dress in jacquard fabric Pennyblack (104 €) or the orange sleevelessH & M  (€ 39.99) or you can opt for the colorful fantasies.

Floral prints are perfect for a wedding, are feminine and delicate. If you like, here are two suits that can do for you: the dress fabric printed with boat neckline of wedding earrings (137 €) or dress corolla with two-tone floral design signed Max & Co. (104 €).

Ceremony in the evening

If the marriage is celebrated in the evening, it is best to focus on simple colors and choose the most stylish outfits like the pink dress with waist belt & Other Stories (31 €) or the cross chiffon dress Silk Max & Co. ( € 107).

If your physique is minute and you have an explosive cleavage, try a bandeau dress like that with floral fantasy of Topshop (60 €) or the blue of H & M  (€ 24.99), but do not forget to bring a stole or shawl.

If you like long dresses, an evening ceremony may be the right time to show off. The clothes you see in the picture are respectively Marella (221 ​​€) and Mango (€ 89.99).