What to Do with the Backpack in the Parks?

Take a backpack to the parks makes it easy, and the your tour, and can be a source of economy. Take snacks and bottled water (provided within the rules that’s allowed to take in each park) is already a great source of economy. Add to list things like sunscreen, camera, rain gear, a Cardigan … well, I don’t think anybody put in discussion the usefulness of a backpack in the parks of Orlando, right?

Nevertheless, by far one of the questions that we received more here in the VPD is: what to do with the backpack when I want to go on an attraction? This is a very fair question because the answer will not be equal in all parks. For that reason, it’s been a while since I was scrolling to write this post (only because I wanted to do with the video together, hehe) and today I pay my debt.

What to do with the backpack in the parks?

To ease a little, each group of Park has different rules regarding the use of bags in its attractions. =/Nevertheless do not worry that you will see that the rules are very simple and we will explain how it works in each group of parks at once.

If you do not know what is in each group, just click here to better understand.

Backpack Disney parks

Disney allows you to go in the vast majority of the attractions, including the roller coasters, with your backpack. Therefore, they do not provide lockers near the attractions for you leave your belongings. There’s no secret: close the zipper of your backpack or purse and put it down for the attractions.

If you want to be very cautious, I have a tip: to give extra protection to our goods, we have the habit of going on the leg by one of the straps of the backpack in time to go on an attraction a bit more radical. So we can avoid any fright or unforeseen.

Oh! And don’t forget to keep your sunglasses, hat, or any item that you think is a little loose when you’re in a faster, with looping or fall. If you like your stuff, take good care of them and take those precautions which gives all right. Are small measures that guarantee a stress-free trip.

The only Disney attraction that can really damage your goods and even your backpack is the Kali River Rapids, in the Animal Kingdom that wets TOO. The right word is neither watering is soak even! There’s no bag to hold. Therefore, for those who want to go on this attraction, Disney offers a locker next to that you can store your goods for free by the time + queue length of the Kali River Rapids.

If you want to leave your goods there for longer, you need to pay, but if the idea is just to protect your things you will take bath there, it’s okay! The Cabinet in this attraction is for single use, you set the password and your things are well protected.

Locker rental at Disney

Some people may find a good leave the bag in a rental locker at the entrance of the Park (rent for all day), but I think this is only valid for items that you do not want to have access throughout the day, it wouldn’t be very practical to keep going back and forth until the entrance to the Park every time you want to get something in your backpack?

Therefore, in general I don’t think it’s very practical to use the lockers rented from Disney for this purpose. You can use them for something that you just want the night, something heavier or use very punctual, but for your old bag of war, this is not usually the case.

If you want to rent a locker in the Disney parks, works like this: you pay $8 for small closet and $10 for large Cabinet + $5 which will be returned at the time you return the key to the closet, until the end of the day you use the closet as you want throughout the day and the night, get your stuff and return the key. When you do this, receives the $5 that were as collateral. Simple, huh?

Backpack in the parks of Universal

The Universal Parks has a policy quite different from Disney, since both the Universal Studios as in Islands of Adventure, it is forbidden to enter with your backpack in the vast majority of the attractions. They are so “boring” that in some attractions even metal detector to ensure that anyone with a cell phone in his pocket, sunglasses, gopro and everything else.

As they prohibit the entry of our things in the attractions, nothing fairer than Universal offer a solution for this, right? So close to all the attractions that prohibit entry with backpacks, you’ll find lockers to leave their things. The scheme is very similar to the Kali River Rapids in Disney (in fact, I think that Disney stole this idea already well consolidated scheme of Universal): you can use a locker to store your things without spending anything for the length of the queue and attraction But if you want to leave your things stored for longer, will have to pay.

You just go to the nearest point of your attraction to keep backpacks and follow the step by step on one of the computers requesting a closet. You will have to register your digital and the computer will indicate a closet for you. Keep all things at once because you will only be able to open that closet once after lock it. Oh! And don’t forget your locker number huh?

When you get back from attraction, just go to the same computer, select “Open closet or something, put the number of the locker and the digital your again (of course, the same digital that you used to get the closet) and ready, the computer will unlock your closet. Once again: remove all your there because you will no longer have access to this closet then, huh?

If you eventually decide to use the closet longer than of attraction, you set the value to pay for removing your goods.

Backpack in the Sea World Parks

Both Sea World as the Busch Gardens has the schema that I like least. They don’t let you go with the bag in some attractions but don’t offer free Cabinet. OK, so the cupboard is pretty cheap: 1 dollar for first hour and $2 for each additional hour. But I am against the idea of being something charged, you know? Anyway, I whistle anything, which I think makes no difference and we need to follow the rules eh?

Here you have two options. The first is to leave your stuff starts at the entrance/exit of the attraction stand for as long as you use it, what is unthinkable in my opinion and I don’t really recommend. It’s the classic “cheaper than expensive” and no one but you will be responsible for their belongings.

The alternative then is to use the cabinets that cost $1 and act as I in a manner very similar to Kali River Rapids cabinets at Disney (with the small difference to be paid). Here you pay, sets the password and will keep your stuff in the closet. On the way back, just use the same password to retrieve your stuff.

Backpack in water parks

Regardless of being a Disney Park, Universal or Seaworld, aquatic parks you can also rent a closet big or small for the whole day. You can find more details about the rules in the screenplays of these parks. This is one of the cases in which normally worth you rent a locker for all day.

After all, in water park we want to always be free and clear to the attraction that you want right? That’s why I keep my backpack bought from EningBo and larger goods in the closet and I’m walking alone with my Hawaiian, sunscreen, sunglasses, and bath outlet-at most take a towel. These items I leave on a Chair and the rest is well protected in a closet all day.

Well, now that you know the rules, you know that the bag doesn’t have to be a problem, right? On the contrary, it is always the solution to facilitate our day of sightseeing in the parks! I hope you have a good time and then tell us how it went!