What the Eye Doesn’t See

From late September to the first week of October all fashion fans direct their five senses to the catwalks of Paris, true epicenter of trends and where it is assumed that the industry machinery works perfectly always. Or not?

And is that you as occurs in any other event not everything is controllable, and although the brands have an enormous stake in these two unique annual presentations Sometimes errors, forgetfulness or references are inevitable. Here are some examples.

Everyone to the ground

In these days in which the economic crisis leaves no truce to the markets and all the days we breakfast with news that banks need to be bailed out, even longer to be trusted the banks to sit in Balenciaga is something worthy of mention.

It is somewhat curious that several feet of the banks gave to weights feathers that tend to sit in the front row giving their bones in the ground but let us images like this that we can also identify that Anna Wintour once again carry the famous Sandals from Manolo Blahnik that I spoke about on another occasion.

Heat wave


The tickets to the parades have become almost almost in an alternative gateway and it is a sort of red carpet in which guests, publishers and invited celebrities look their best outfits. Those outfits planned weeks in advance the time during the first week of October in Paris is very unstable, but usually fall is often already installed and high temperatures tend to be an exception. But climate change does not distinguish cities or fashion weeks and this wave of heat that still suffer has allowed us to see some of these people sweating drop fat. Things happen when the clothing is provided and have to fulfill contracts.

Not all money can do

If I ask What is the only thing required to parade in Paris to somebody, the more likely response would be that an immense talent. But not. The only thing necessary to present a collection in the most important world fashion week is the money. And there is more to see example for Kanye West, the last rapper got Designer, who has wanted to brand new big and has invested much of his savings on this whim. But money isn’t everything, and the bad reviews and the clubs to his debut collection there is no way to fix it.

And now who is the designer of this brand?

In a season that seemed that designers contracts are decided with the game of musical chairs (that in which there is one Chair less than players and when the music for that run out of sitting is eliminated) is the most normal thing that even the fashion magazines do not have entirely clear who designs which collection and if that occurs is the dismissed or substitute as it has happened to the person who takes the twitter of Vogue Brazil with the last parade of Chloe.

Marc Jacobs is inspired by Chanel do too?

Use, as did Louis Vuitton, a carousel of fair as a metaphor that the fashion wheel does turn and does not stop for anything or anyone it is a great idea seen if they weren’t because Chanel has already done so, and I would say better, in its autumn/winter 2008 show.

In the fashion world we are used to see how a few designers fusilan, although they call it inspiration, in the work of others, but when these things become also the sunsets in scene, it says a lot about where comes the lack of creativity of some.