What Really Big Winners with Feminism Men

At this point in history, now nobody can doubt that the women We have a large debt with the feminists of previous generations, who fought to put at our disposal rights that our grandmothers could not even dream. One of the challenges of the current feminism refers to the relationship of the men with the movement. It is easy to find famous people who are doing much for feminism, but not everyone is willing to uphold the principles of feminism by simple altruism. So the question is: advantages achieved with feminism men?

A life partner

The feminism has given women a Fortress having as base the certainty that We are not inferior to anyone. Gone are, fortunately, relations in which the man was the “head of household”, While women and children were subject to its authority. Now, any healthy couple two people who become formed it in life fellow, in partners in a family project in which the decisions and the responsibilities are divided equally about two people.

Greater economic capacity

Imagine a family stage in that single House enters, with luck, a salary, and it depends on the keep a couple and its (many times) children. The incorporation of women into the labour market you have downloaded the man’s sole responsibility to bring bread to the table and has increased the purchasing power of families. Unfortunately, the crisis has meant an obstacle for many families and the increase of the purchasing power It has led to price increases that, many times, do not they are compensated by that injustice of that the salary of women is still considerably lower than that of men, but it is not hard to imagine how much worse the situation would be If the shoulders of all the financial responsibility on only one half of the population.

New learning

Does a few decades, There were many fields that the women did not have access. Anything beyond the domestic life and the maternity It was a breakthrough. And, however, how many times we have heard that men knew not to do anything without their wives? The lack of equality between men and women also He turned to the men of learning basic for their personal development. Men born under the principles of feminism are more independent, more autonomous and do not need a woman beside her to develop fully.

Punches out

Is no doubt that the concept of equality It has brought with it a women’s Liberation at the intimate level. Rare is the man who wants to share sexual encounters women who believe that sex is something of sinful or only the man can lead. Not only it is no longer necessary through marriage or the partner to have sex, but, in addition, the studies say that women today are that most enjoy sex in history. The search of fantasies, the valuation of the orgasm and the disinhibition in traditionally male areas, such as masturbation or the sex, will positively impact on men and women.

A new relationship with their children

Not so long ago that the maternity was something very different from the paternity. The men were lost, by self-will or by social tax, a fundamental part of their lives: the raise their children, Watch them grow close and become part of their everyday life. In addition, the struggle of women dignify the maternity alone It has led many men to seek parenting without the need of living as a couple. Today, men can enjoy the experience with the same intensity that women, and that is without a doubt a large debt that you have with feminism.

Goodbye to harmful topics

Women are not worst friends than men. A friend of your partner won’t looking for separate. If feminism has achieved (or is poised to do so) that the women we respect between us, men will also benefit from this. Add women to their personal or professional environment, as one Best friend or one co-worker, without this wake up suspicions the environment will be a victory for all.