What Kinds of Abdominal Exercises Are the Most Complete?

At the time of sit-ups There are many options that are presented to us and very few times we know if what we’re doing is appropriate and more appropriate to improve the general State of our abdomen. As we have seen in the past, the exercise is the best way to tone the abdominal muscles in addition to maintaining a proper diet. So the question this week is: what kinds of abdominal exercises are the most complete?
At the time of sit-ups There are many exercises to tone up this part of the body. In the gym we usually find machines that put us things easier, since they indicate us the route to follow and the weight we should use when working the abdominal wall. Many people use these machines to make their routines of sit-ups every day in the gym and get better muscles.
On the other hand we have other options such as abdominal work with our own body and exercises in soil that will help us focus on the machined part the most and get the most benefit from the exercises that we will make. But it is true that you must be those who say, ‘ what kind of abdominal exercises are the best to tone up this part of the body. Let us not forget that answers we must make them in the answers section, and not in this own post.

The question of the week: what is the most complete bodybuilding exercise?

The week last Juan Lara raised a question about the exercise of bodybuilding that seemed more complete. There are many responses to this matter, but we are going to show the most valued. Among the most appreciated by the readers has been that raised bautii.
Deadlifts with torn leaving the bar on the shoulders, squat and military press. All of that is one.
In addition there are highlight some very well valued replies as performed by Emmanuel Muñoz Jara.
Weight dead Mario also gave us a very well valued response.
It is known worldwide, few built up even more, and encompassing just my opinion, than the most complete exercise that I could see is weight lifting as do those of weightlifting.
For my has it all.
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