What Changes on Tumblr with the Purchase by Yahoo

Today was officially the purchase of Tumblr by Yahoo: $ 1.1 billion, slightly more than the invested by Facebook to acquire Instagram. And look at the coincidence: the internet sees both Yahoo and Facebook as companies “evil”, while Tumblr and Instagram are creative and free people barns. So, these purchases will never be well received by the public. But there is real reason for such a revolt of people who publish on Tumblr against Yahoo?

Let’s say that Yahoo has a history of managing well the sites that purchase. Flickr and the Delicio. us The acquired by the company in 2005, are two relatively recent examples: the two dwindled to get her hands.

It seems that the website does not know what to do with social networks buying. Instead of keeping everything as it is, keep improving the service and gradually giving her face to him – in fact, something that Facebook does very well with Instagram – prefers to force users to be part of its own network, for example, demanding that it be created oneemail @yahoo  to login.

But nobody wants to get to the the Yahoo because all it offers already exists and is seen in much better versions on other websites, especially Google: email, search, groups, messenger. For the user, it is expendable on the internet. It made ​​sense in 1996, but did not age well and ended up lagging behind.

So how does the purchase of Tumblr not be accompanied by Tumblrcídios (the miss Orkut, anyone?) And negative opinions. But it has a different factor this time: Marissa Mayer is who runs the household.

The CEO has a good reputation. She was one of the first Google employees and left the company 13 years later, when he was with the post of executive. And, like Yahoo should be what Google has become, she knows what to do to your new employer to succeed.

Marissa is on Yahoo to change the direction of the company. Between its decisions not always well received, they are the end office and home shopping startups 10 in less than a year of administration – in 2011, only one had been purchased. It has worked: the first proof is that Yahoo closed 2012 beating profit expectations.

And then we have the purchase of Tumblr, the most important made by it so far.

The both complaints and echo them all over the internet make it clear that the climate for regulars social network is insecure. And they reveal that which should be the main concern of Yahoo, the factor that was overlooked at the time of purchase Delicio.us and Flickr and caused the withdrawal of users: realize that Tumblr is made of more than 150 million blogs. It is made by people, and every day, come another 120 thousand.

Like any social network, it is not the code that matters; is the community.

The good side is that Marissa knows it; in the letter announcing the purchase of Tumblr, she says that “companies are all about people” and makes a lot of praise to the creator of the service, David Karp, and his respect for the individuals who create content daily there. With so much sympathy, it is hard not to believe in smiling nice girl Marissa to read that everything will remain the same.

Karp guarantees the same thing. It follows as CEO and everything else – the staff, values, freedom – is unchanged. At his side, only the bank account and the urgency to attract investors change.

All the same, but different

Despite the promise to keep everything as it is, the first change – or at least the first to be detested – should be the adoption of a business model. Although Karp is against the inclusion of ads, they probably will be adopted. After all, being worshiped by the users of its social network is important, but does not pay the bills.

Despite the popularity, Tumblr does not profit. The money comes mainly from investments in other companies. In 2012, closed in the red, unable to cover all expenses.

Marissa has said that the two companies will think of advertising models that are friendly to users to make profitable Tumblr, since it made a huge investment that needs to have return.

In addition to making money together, the companies will also provide know-how to each other: Yahoo supports the search and customization system; Tumblr, a huge database of posts in all media formats. And, of course, millions of users and the whole structure of a social network already established. The expectation is that the audience Mayer Yahoo grow by 50%.

All the panic from the sale of Tumblr is only suffering in anticipation. The purchase was officially announced only a few hours and yesterday WordPress recorded the transfer of thousands of posts coming Tumblr. Effort unnecessary, exaggerated, too pessimistic.

I can not say yet what will work and what will not in this partnership. But I think Marissa would not have invested so much money on a purchase of less than a year of business if he had not absolutely sure that what you are doing is the best.

So let’s calm things down, get on with our blogs and see what will happen going forward. Not always the change is for the worse – going back to the first paragraph, Facebook bought Instagram and social network photos better with each update.

In all, keep calm and blog on! \O/