What Are the Main Advantages of the Led Lamp Tube to My Company?

With efficiency and economy without equal, the LED lamp Tube is perfect for commercial lighting.

What Are the Main Advantages of the Led Lamp Tube to My Company

In addition to ample lighting and long-lasting that the LED Tube provides, to the non emission of heat and UV/IR provide security and visual comfort that the business environment needs, whether it be large companies, small businesses, or in the industrial sector.

As LED Lamp is a Tubular contributes to the economy of the company?

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) has an energy use much more efficient and economic than the other types, since it does not waste the heat received

Virtually all the energy received in a LED lamp Tube is converted into lighting, a saving of about 80% compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Do not change the temperature of the environment

Not emit heat, the LED lamp Tube does not heat up and does not change the temperature of the environment, which influence on the comfort of the employees and in the storage of any type of substance, and in the operation of the air conditioning system that will reduce energy consumption.

The durability reduces the frequency of exchange

Not having the ballast, the lamp LED Tube does not burn instantly and the life of it is 3 times greater than that of tubular fluorescent. An LED lamp can light for up to 50 thousand hours, reducing the need for exchanges, and even maintenance with the product.

LED lamp Tubular. More secure and convenient!

Unlike fluorescent, the LED lamp Tube does not emit radiation or toxic substances that may compromise the storage of certain products.

The disposal of an LED lamp Tube becomes much more practical and carefree, as well as in its composition there are substances harmful to the environment, the materials used are recyclable and non-flammable.

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With the model and tone appropriate to the environment to gain comfort without sacrificing economy and security.