What Apple Can Present at WWDC?

Monday (10) is the day that Tim Cook takes the stage at the Moscone West in San Francisco to reveal what Apple has planned for its developers. It is the Worldwide Developers Conference, the famous and awaited WWDC. Of course there are many rumors about what will be the novelties presented during the event. See what is being speculated to the WWDC and you can wait for Apple on Monday.


It is quite speculated that Apple launch a music streaming service to compete with Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and the newly launched Google Music All Access. The idea is that the customer pay a small amount per month and get unlimited access to the entire collection available in the music store. But it may be that the service does not give the guys already at WWDC: apparently, the big apple is finding it difficult to negotiate licensing with the record companies.

Indeed, we agree: the WWDC is not the right place to launch this type of service. Repeat after me: Worldwide Developers Conference. An event for developers, which sometimes has a launch or other but that is not usually the focus of the event.

New line of Macs

The low stock of MacBooks line at Apple stores in the UK is the foundation of this new rumor. The supposed new MacBooks come with the fourth generation of processors Intel Core microarchitecture with Haswell and supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, wireless networking standard that promises speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps. It is also expected to be released new versions of AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule supporting the new standard transmission.

iOS 7

This will be the heart of the whole event. The seventh version of iOS is very awaited by many people and it seems that the overhaul of the system will be quite significant.

Tim Cook said at the D Conference that Jony Ive is responsible for the redesign and since then the rumors do not stop: the idea is that the new system leave aside such the skeumorfismo, design technique in which visual elements are created in order to resemble something from the physical world. Say goodbye to applications with leather details (such as the Notes or the Calendar) and get ready for icons and more clean and solid patterns, and Windows Phone.

IOS needs to be overhauled. It’s an amazing system, but which is increasingly losing market share and / or failing to gain new users. There are now six versions of iOS with the use of features and very similar design.

Okay, there were some changes, such as the (horrible) FaceTime icon or the inclusion of folders, but none was significantly essential to change the way system use. The moral of the story is that many people were seasick and with it, Apple is losing the air of innovation. I’ve never seen so many applemaníacos migrate or plan to migrate to Android.

Cook said that iOS 7 will have new features for developers are able to better integrate their applications to the system. Hopefully. It would be nice to make the Mailbox application as the default client email or Google Chrome as your default browser and Google Maps as the main option to view maps in other applications. Similarly, it would be interesting to open the image gallery and send the photo directly to Instagram chosen without closing the gallery, open the app and find the image again. This center full shares already in Android since it was designed and is one of the things that many people expect to find in the new iOS.

It should only be presented at WWDC, and from there, start testing in beta for developers.

If you have an iPhone 3GS, get ready (or not ready): Your smartphone will probably not be upgraded to the new version.

OS X 10.9

The Mountain Lion will get older: Apple should show the OS X 10.9 at WWDC. Typically new versions of OS X are only incremental, so do not wait for a revolution. Rumors indicate that the new system should be supported to the tragic maps of Apple, the Siri and still presents improvements in support for multiple monitors.

Some say that the system will also receive changes in multitasking management, bringing the same concept of iOS that restricts certain applications to remain in segund0 plan. That does not make me any sense in a desktop environment, once the system and its applications need to maintain multiple processes running all the time to perform their duties properly. Anyway, the foundation of the rumor is that this type of application management would be beneficial to optimize the battery life of notebooks, as well as focus the processor performance in heavier tasks.

Like iOS, OS X 10.9 should only be presented and have its beta version released to developers. The final version should take a little longer to reach the App Store.

New iPhone or iPad

It is unlikely that Apple release a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in WWDC. The conference is for developers and, if it were to launch an iDevice at the conference, the new iPod touch low cost would not have been released recently. These devices should be upgraded in mid-September, to thus complete the annual cycle of new appliances.

And you, what are your predictions about the WWDC? Send in the comments what you expect it!

The main keynote of WWDC happens on Monday, the 10th, at 14h. Follow the complete coverage of the event here in our site.