Westwing Guide Formdf Luminaire

The lighting of the house is one of the most important points when it comes to decorating it. It is fundamental that we think of the quality of light, its color, which type of luminaire will be used, which light points will be distributed throughout the environment, and so on. This is because the lighting can cause different sensations in people, being able to be warm or uncomfortable. An incredible option to create a delicate lighting is the MDF luminaire.

This model of lamp is able to make any room more comfortable and attractive, as it has a light and special touch to illuminate. In addition, MDF luminaires can be found in various models and formats and can be painted or kept in their original color, which gives a bit more rusticity to the environment. Westwing has prepared a selection of tips for you to get inspired and choose yours. Check it!

Models Of MDF Lamp

You will find in the markets several models for your MDF lamp , most of them in square or rectangular format. This style makes this piece more rustic and at the same time allows it to combine with different types of decoration.It is very common that the MDF luminaire comes with drawings leakedthroughout, which gives even more beauty to the pieces. The light transpires through the drawings, forming a unique and very creative illumination. There are models of tabletop MDF luminaires , which are smaller in size and may resemble a handmade lampshade and  those of floor, which are very high and give an incredible touch to the environment.

Complement For Different Rooms

If you plan to buy an MDF lamp but still do not know where to place it, know that this object can be combined in the most diverse spaces of the house. How about taking advantage of and putting an MDF lamp right in the entrance hall to welcome the guests with warm and cozy lighting? This model can be very well arranged on top of a sideboard, combined with other adornments, such as a small statue or a flower pot.

You can also use your MDF luminaire in the living room, on a side table, on the coffee table, in the rack or in a bookcase. The MDF luminaire adds extra charm to the room, also contributing to a more rustic mood. Bet on a more yellowish lamp to make the space even more cozy.

In the room the MDF lamp gets even more prominent, as it makes up the decoration and makes the environment much more comfortable and pleasant to be. You can create a reading corner, with an armchair, a bookshelf or even a desk and fill it with your MDF lamp.

Other rooms can also fit nicely with an MDF lamp, such as the bathroom, toilet, barbecue and baby’s room . This object takes a nice mixture of the rustic style with a delicate touch, and is perfect for those who want to decorate with great taste.

Decoration With MDF Lamp

MDF is a very versatile material that can be combined in different decorative styles, from the most modern and colorful to the minimalist and neutral ones. To give a color in the room, the MDF lamp painted in vibrant tones and combined with a dome (if appropriate) in printed fabric is the right complement for relaxed rooms. If you prefer to get away from the colors and create a minimalist and neutral look in your décor, the raw MDF lamp is the ideal option, because besides being discreet, it still has the warm air of the wood to increase a white room, for example . If your style is to stay in the middle and create a more feminine decoration, the MDF lamp can be chosen in pastel shades and with floral and discreet prints. Even in patinated white, the MDF luminaire can also behave in a Provencal décor.

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