Westwing Guide for Ceramic Lamp

Lighting is responsible for much of the beauty and warmth of an environment. Points of light obtained with luminaires, spots, washers or lamps ensure the sophistication of a room and all the charm that an environment needs to transform into a place full of charm. If you like environments that appeal to craftsmanship and rustic work, the ceramic lamp can surprise you with its delicacy and refinement.

The ceramics, made of burnt clay, were invented around 25,000 BC in the Czechoslovakia region and are still used today to produce a variety of decorative items, household utensils, cookware and more. With the Westwing you know all varieties of ceramic lamp and learn to apply this beautiful piece to the decoration of a space. Get Inspired!

The Charm Of Handcrafted Lamps

The ceramic lamp is a type of handmade lamp that inspires for its beauty and versatility. Whether it is placed on the ceiling, above a piece of furniture or on the floor, this type of object, besides leaving a much more charming and pleasant environment, has the advantage of being a beautiful piece, that can be made in the most varied formats and painted in several colors.

There are models of cast ceramic luminaire that look great if positioned in gardens or in environments that demand refined and indirect lighting. The ceramic lamp options are endless!

Ceramic Lamp For Gardens

The ceramic garden lamp is one of the models that embellishes the outdoor area and makes this environment much more inviting and cozy to receive guests for a night of conversation and lots of fun.

By investing in floor lamps you ensure a warm and charming environment.Try investing in the leaky ceramic luminaire , which conveys all the beauty of light without, however, taking away the intimate tone of the environment.

Rustic Style Ceramic Lamp

One of the styles that best matches the ceramic lamp is undoubtedly the rustic, as it highlights natural beauties and handcrafted objects for the composition of the décor.

Try placing a ceramic lamp on a rustic sideboard or a corner table. Certainly the result will be very charming!

Getting To Know Ceramics Best

Previously used to make containers to store grains and liquids, the ceramic is a material obtained from the molding of the clay mixed with water. Over time, it has been gaining more refined versions, receiving loops, mouths and embossed designs.

Houses were also made with this same material that gives rise to the ceramic lamp, a piece that came directly from ancient times to beautify our modern houses.

Beautiful, versatile and full of charms, the ceramic lamp is a piece that illuminates the most varied environments and is a great bet for those who want to have a cozy, beautiful and very stylish space. Enjoy Westwing’s tips and enjoy all its benefits!