Weight Training for Beginners at Home

You have just started with strength training. Maybe you work according to a schedule, you might go on your own understanding to the devices draw. Do you want to get results and no damage, it is good to know what you should and should not do.

What you should really do when training:

Warm up in good time before you go to the hardware. The point is to prepare the body for the actions that you will do what your heart rate to increase and ensure that your muscles are warm. Go 15 minutes cycling, walking on the treadmill, or for example on the Cross Trainer. With the latter also move arms along. The moment you turn on the iron, you can choose to do first a set with a lot of reps low weight, this also warm you.
Good build
Your muscles need to get used to the movement and another tax than they used to. Do one exercise per muscle group at a time and train all muscle groups. Ask at the gym, or that they want to make this a training schedule for you.
Work out a schedule
A training schedule is usually 6 to 8 weeks. Then ask in the gym again, to a new system. Your muscles get used to training. You make your muscles strong through education, but also used in education. There comes a point that they are strong enough to do an exercise in this way, they have, in fact, designed to drill and is not stronger than necessary. Therefore, a different plan, sometimes with a few of the same exercises, for example, but with fewer and more sets of repetitions. However other exercises so your muscles have to work in a different way.
Engineering and implementation
At a good gym there will be exercises and guide you so that you perform the exercises correctly. Also, try to keep in your future training. You will find people who perform the exercises different: they do it because they have a lot of sense and at a very advanced level of education is … or they do this because they have absolutely no sense and just what to do. Keep the master exercises where you place your attention on the muscles that you practice and that you continue to keep constant tension.
Ensure proper breathing during exercise. Especially when you start training harder, you have unconscious tendency to put force when you hold your breath in. You can see it as a great strain you put on your body, it will have a good effect on blood pressure. You will see that: If you have selected the shot under pressure/pressure movement you are often stronger than when you are holding your breath.During the negative motion you get checked breath.
Work out your own strength
Here, too, be yourself and do not compare with others! All began, and that someone is training very hard is the result of many years of hard, long and disciplined training. The only effect of another example to show how strong you are, is a greater risk of injury.
Respect for others
It sounds logical, but it is also in the small things: keep the equipment unnecessarily occupied, and the weights you use. No more annoying when you do well, and you exercise comfortably on the pace and you must first of four 25 kg disks on clearing another.
Drink enough water
Anyway with sports: moisture you lose, you are hot, you need a lot of water, keep drinking while exercising!
This is also something that you can do at home, gently stretch the muscles a bit. It is also not a bad idea to occasionally to deal with a yoga or pilates!

What you should not do when training:

Cold start
The gym, go in, go for a nice heavy weight and immediately a few great reps pop out. This lets you exercise ineffective by not heating up is a chance for injury and your energy distribution is not effective for your training.
Without training schedule
Just do something, do exercises that you like, or what you are good at. That way you can skip the muscle groups, or a muscle group only if the exercise by placing them very often. Because each time something else to do, you’re not literally your muscles to exercise, and you will see little effect.
By train to injury
If you practice a little bit too heavy, or movement can not do very well happen that you injure your muscles. For example, you feel a bad pain in the attachment of the muscles of the shoulder. If the pain is very light you can end the exercise with light weights, but feel the same pain again immediately, stop the exercise!!! Leave it alone! It turned out that after some days not be gone, ask your doctor for advice, but under no circumstances relevant training muscles.
Workout on an empty stomach: especially if you have some heavy workout, it is very unwise. You need energy. Your muscles need energy. You will not be the first to go during a workout at the ins and is contrary to the plain.
Do not eat after exercise
After the training should actually eat. To be precise, the first body is crying after a good workout, simple carbs! In addition, the body slow carbs and protein within two hours after exercise. .

Also: good to know!

Remember that a training programme is prepared on the basis of your goal. You will for example. often in women see that they exercise one of three sets of 15 repetitions to make, and that a man this exercise with four sets of eight repetitions. To do 15 reps, use a lighter weight, otherwise you will not be on the 15th. This way you train endurance and stamina of a muscle, especially when you short rest breaks will also take more of a cardio workout. To eight repetitions to make, you can use more weight, so you can go very badly. That way you can work out for bigger muscles. A woman doesn’t have to be so scared to be suddenly very muscular.
It is possible to be very muscular and tense. Remember that this is a long-term goal. It takes a lot of training and hard, but training only, you’ll never get a bodybuilder figure. This is because more than 50 percent of the diet. And it is very possible to achieve this naturel! And it is also the healthiest way! A superfluous comment, but apparently still required: steroids are very harmful and can very negatively affect both your body and your health. Do not start!
While it is certainly possible for women. And depending on how you practice, you will become larger and more muscular. Once again women: this takes a lot and train hard. Do you want to lose weight and drag your skin get stuck is training 2 to 3 times a week and cardio 2 or 3 times often enough, without getting broad thereof.