Wedding Dresses Victorio Y Lucchino

The 2015 Victorio y Lucchino dresses are part of a collection that exactly could define minimalist chic with no problem, the result of an eternal search for style that makes for simplicity its strength.

If we were to define in one word the style of Victorio Y Lucchino and rearranging the adjective better suited than good to label the new collection of wedding gowns 2015, “mimal” would be the right term, which do justice to the beautiful simplicity of these dresses.

Understated elegance, delicate and refined result of stylistic research linked to the typical Andalusian, that these designers are strongly linked: between tradition and innovation, between modernity and nostalgia for the past, the new line of wedding gowns 2015 accords with all the brides who are dreaming of a wedding dress sober but never dull, elegant but not particularly rich in details; In short, a suit with all the trimmings “but no frills.

No sumptuous clothes from Princess nor too sexy profiles such as cuts to Mermaid: each model perfectly embodies the right dose of sobriety that mixes with vintage inspiration with modern minimalist chic wit.

Each dress falls softly on the silhouette and all are United by a common smoothness of fabrics and cut that tends to fall straight on the curves, highlighting the waistline wrapped in a tone-on-tone belt.

Each length of 2015 collection by Victorio y Lucchino is designed to glide smoothly on the silhouette that remains shrouded in Ethereal fabrics like silk and precious chiffon. If you are looking for a sober and simple dress in short minimalist chic, you can’t beat the 2015 collection by Victorio y Lucchino that found in our gallery.