Wedding Decorations in Black and White Color Palette

One of the most important things that should be chosen well in advance of the wedding is the color palette. From it other very important items like invitations, souvenirs and decoration will be chosen.

The choice should be made based on the style and the preferences of the couple, because the marriage above all is the time of the bride and groom and should express their personalities.

The options are many, there are several possibilities and combinations. And to make it harder to choose, each one is more beautiful than the other. With that in mind, today we’re going to talk specifically about the color palettes in black and white, and show how the wedding decorations in these tones look beautiful.

Black And White

There is no more classic and elegant option than black and white. Infallible choice for those who wish to give an exquisite air to your ceremony. The white conveys lightness and harmony to the decor, while the black refers to sophistication and glamor. Therefore, this palette is best suited for night weddings held in enclosed spaces.

Many may find that a black-and-white décor can be sad and bland, but there are many options for enhancing it, including inserting small details into strong colors such as red, fuchsia, and pink.

Here are some examples to inspire and decorate your wedding in black and white color palettes.

White Flowers And Napkins And Black Bowls

This decoration is super exquisite, but at the same time light. The white flowers of different species are beautiful and provide more clarity to the ceremony. While the black dining items are sophisticated and elegant.

Black And White Arrangements

It is not because of the absence of black flowers that your arrangement needs to be completely white. The black holder and small details of the color between the flowers are a special touch to the arrangement of flowers.

Chairs Of One Color, Towels Of Another

It is very beautiful to use the chairs of one color and the foil of another. See also this example below:

Black Furniture And White Flowers

See what lovely contrast these blend of black furniture and white flower arrangements at dictfurniture. It was very sophisticated and elegant.

Tablecloths And Printed Napkins

Ideal for those who want to give a more cheerful and relaxed touch to the decoration. Does not it look beautiful?

Table Of Cake And Sweets

The cake and candytable has long since ceased to be just a delicacy. Today, this table is a fundamental piece in decoration. You can let go of the imagination and apply the two colors on the cake and the candy.

Details In Another Tone

Great option for those who want a more lively decor. If this is your choice, bet on strong tones to contrast with black and arm.