Water Bottles for Bikers

If you go back to the areas where the sun shines a lot, be sure to avoid the excessive consumption of water. When traveling even to “nadivoko” sleep on their own where they can, cook your own meals and evening wash you handle too Scout way, you might say that you need a lot of water. Therefore, the question arises how will I really need?

Most bike traveler travels with three or more bottles of water. At first glance it may seem enough, since most MTB and road riders carry a maximum of two bottles. For clarification, we are talking here about cycling bottles of 1 liter. But in some cases there may be two to three bottles of water, enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day …

In this case, the need to add more plastic water containers, preferably PET bottles has a larger volume 1,5-2l. But to determine the exact amount of water you’ll need depends on many factors.

  • Temperature
  • Terrain (straight vs. mountains)
  • How do I feel today
  • A road surface (asphalt road vs. gravel road)
  • Availability of natural drinking water along the way (springs, wells)

And probably the most important…

How far am I the next place where I can draw water?

If we consider that we go 80-100 km per day, certainly encounter a place where we draw the water again. Personally, I am traveling with two cycling one liter bottles and two 1.5 liters PET bottles. Bicycle bottles I use because they fit into bicycle basket and easily sz them drunk driving. PET bottles therefore primarily used for transporting extra water. So if fully from this “report” inflated, we have five liters of water. Actually, you probably water a day ride will not be enough anyway, so it is good to plan a route through places where there is a high probability that you can buy water (pumping stations, city, business center, Oasis).

Before you go looking for a place to camp, do not forget to refill the water, even if you have some left. You cook, perform personal hygiene and of course a drink, so you have plenty of water. And do not forget that water will need another day than drive to the nearest place where the water goes supplement!

So if I count correctly, in extremely warm countries such as Spain, Greece, etc., You’ll need about 5 liters of water for half a day. However, if you consume more water, you will need to carry more water. This, however, increases the weight of the wheel itself, as well as physical stress.

And determine the exact amount of water can not, therefore it is best to water whenever I have the chance to add.