WatchOS: So Are The Novelties That Come to The Apple Watch

The operating system of the Apple smart watches is also renewed. Comes watchOS 2 (in small letters), and does so with improvements in various sections. These include improvements in the native performance – the different designs of the mini-desk, for example – and the ability of developers to offer their own “complications” to show different combinations of information by default to look at the clock.

However the point differs from the watchOS 2 is the the native application support. The interface of the application is moved from phone to watch as always, but now the application logic runs autonomously in Apple Watch without the need for direct access to the iOS device.

Get native applications, developers will have much more freedom

Developers can directly access the microphone, play audio directly on the speaker of the clock, and even play small videos directly on the screen of the Apple Watch. Information from the sensors available in the Apple smart clock is also available for developers, which thus can display it or use it to provide reports and other features on these devices.

The support of HomeKit Apple Watch was one of the novelties of this new version of watchOS, and will no doubt offer interesting possibilities developers of home automation solutions. Something similar happens with the accelerometer, that also be used independently to record variations in this sensor in scenarios such as those that affect physical activity monitoring.

Apple also showed examples of what may be the taptico engine mount for developers – including sound – and of course also they will benefit from the digital Crown to control these native applications options. There are many options offered by this new edition of the OS from Apple for your smart watch.

Developers will have access to this new version in the form of a preliminary beta starting today, while the arrival of the final edition will be in autumn. Is there an Apple Watch 2 then? We seriously doubt it, especially for the delays that have occurred in the sale of the Apple Watch.