Washing Very Stylish Rooms! Reinvent Yours

Let us be honest… who likes or loves washing? I believe that nobody, at least not know many people that your time or favorite time of day is time of washing, drying and much less ironing clothes.

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I started thinking and really there are two things that could make us more enjoyable when washing. Basic there is for this space as devices with which they wash; whether it be a washer or dryer incredible as make us life easy, light and reduce us wash time. Also, practical mu is have a laundry room super functional in which we can find everything easily and keep it running efficiently. Precisely in order to achieve this last, you I made the this post intended to renew and give you the necessary tips to decorate your laundry room.

Let’s start by equipping it. Entry laundry room needs to have a washer and dryer, so we have to look at input these appliances to us stolen space, a way to solve it are washing machines dryers duplex, as are arranged one above the other, I teach you some images.

As you saw in the pictures above, a good choice, if you don’t have much space, is make a closet laundry area, so you delimitas it and you can hide it if you need to locate your laundry room practical somewhere in your House and you have not left a special for this room.

Another option to make it a more functional space is to locate it in the bathroom or kitchen, as you take advantage of the firsthydraulic facilities and this makes more economical installation of your laundry room. Then I show you some pictures:

To follow I’d like to give you a little more than ideas of design and decoration. First we will discuss the design and functionality and within this classification we can include the furniture; to complement the space you can use shelves, furniture with drawers, hanging cabinets with doors to store, among others.
It takes into account that you need to save in this space the detergent, fabric softener, the removes stains, hooks, powders, and more. So better, not have them so at the sight and be able to maintain order in this space will be useful.

In this example we can see how they used buckets as shelves and down added a tube for hanging clothes. Which gives you an original design and facilitates the arrangement in a not so big space.

We can see cabinets with doors to save, more than the laundry Center, and so we can have on hand what we use at the time of washing and not have to go to find it and wasting time.

We also can hide accessories within the furniture as pictured above the donkey Ironing Board out of a drawer, saving space and making a space much more practical. Or in a drawer to have dirty laundry basket.

And by last decorative furnishings and store.

You have many examples of combinations of colours and materials, choose the one you like, nothing more need be considered that they should be durable and resistant to water, you can think about the materials that are used in the kitchens to imagine the combination that you can use in your laundry room. I leave a link with inspirations in order to decide the style of your new laundry room.

For example, wood, melamine, stones for cover: as quartz, marble and granite; MDF lacquered in any colour, to name a few. Finally, taught ideas of accommodate objects such as clamps, powdered detergent, missing buttons and any object you need to keep in order.

Whatever the color, the material of your choice, can make your fourth wash a space friendly, useful, and practical, I swear to stop you fret the only fact of thinking that you have to wash and dry clothes. Try it!

To dismiss me you two links to let you see the before and after of a laundry room and see that it is possible.

Remember to continue pending the next posts, I will help improve the spaces more uncomfortable and less Favorites from your home.

see you soon!

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