Wardrobe: Shirts

We work ourselves slowly upwards on the body and have now come to the upper body in our seriesthe closet, if garment that provides a good basic wardrobe.

In this classical classy fashion, there is not much space for sweaters. It was only when the upper classes began to play sports as the sweater became a part of vardagsutstyrseln, then known as the sweater. Today the knitted sweater, to some extent, a symbol of the free and relaxed and when high politicians should make themselves familiar with their people via tv goes on. When we talk about building a basic wardrobe, it is stuck.Sewn shirts go great as under shirts or for training. Do you want shirts that fit in many outfits it is knitted to look for. And then feel free to then in finer wool qualities.

In autumn, there has been a great chunky knit and really thick, ribbed sweater to keep you warm in the winter cold, and can give you a nice Bohemian look with a single rock on the outside.

The shirts you will get the most use of, however, is tunnstickade, with v-neck or round neck. Examples of the images is the same model in black and gray from H & m. a finely knit sweater in 100% Merino Wool. The black match most of the time while the gray can go better together with stronger colours.

For a basic wardrobe, this is a pretty good basis. Also, if you buy a shirt in brown tone, you have a plethora of possible color matches with the rest of the clothes in your closet. Under the shirt goes great with a shirt. Make sure the collar folds on the inside of the collar. With a button-downkrage resolve this in a smooth way.