Walls Decoration with Colored Stripes


  1. Walls with horizontal stripes
  2. Walls with colored stripes
  3. Striped walls for the room
  4. Striped walls walk through

Everyone likes to be with the house always beautiful, a simple painting on the walls already transforms the environment but to innovate does not to leave the walls of one color. The fashion is to make walls with stripes.

The striped walls let the super modern environment and you can use various colors. The stripes can be of the same thickness or different thicknesses, the combinations are very varied and today’s post is specifically for talk like that of wall painting. See this article for wall recessed lights.

Walls with Horizontal Stripes

The walls with horizontal stripes are much more used to the walls with vertical stripes. People prefer the first because they give breadth to the environment, it’s like us when striped clothes, if we use horizontal stripes we get fatter, no one wants that right, but big house everyone wants so it’s a great option.

This type of decoration is very nice in hallways and walls that are facing mirrors.

Walls with Colored Stripes

These are the most common, hardly anyone who makes stripes on the wall choose only one color to contrast with the background color. In couples rooms, the most common combinations are in shades of purple and white, shades of green with blue tones with white.

Baby girl rooms usually have white stripes, baby pink and lilac, baby boy is more common clear blue whiting with baby blue and white. These are just some suggestions, you can use the combination you want.

Striped Walls for the Room

The room is usually a more sober, since it is the first place that the visits have access, so you can combine a few neutral colors like white, black, brown and nude.

The stripes in the room can be painted only on wall or make a band, preferably in the part where the hillside chair, so the paint stripes ends up working as a rodameio.

If your room is short and you don’t like it, you can give an elongated doing dark vertical stripes, thin stripes the more you have the impression of greater height.

Striped Walls Walkthrough

If you like making your own decoration and painting your house, do not striped walls is something difficult, you should not take the same time as the professional painters, but also won’t spend more than a day to do the job.

  • Mark with a pencil the distance you want between a stripe and other;
  • Cover with masking tape thick the part you want to leave the original color of the wall;
  • Paint roll interspersing the colors if more than two;
  • Wait at least 4 hours to dry;
  • Remove the masking tape;
  • If you want to change the color that was on the wall, cover the part you painted with masking tape and paint what’s left.

It’s not that hard, simply pick the paint and be careful with the details and finishes.