Wallpaper Trends for Living Rooms

Whoever thinks of wallpaper on stale pattern, probably longer not in Home Trend Shop Poked. In the field Wallpaper Trends lot has happened in recent years. In addition to classic metallic or textured wallpaper, you can now choose from a much wider selection of original decors.

Wallpaper with patterns are often used for special highlights in the room: They often complement a plain wallpaper in the same color and are used as an extra eye-catcher. Patterned wallpaper can show a variety of designs. Classic elements such as flowers and twining plants include here just as important as modern geometric shapes . The colors vary. So there are rather inconspicuous pattern wallpaper , as well as wallpaper with bright colors.

Wallpaper with stripes are like placed on the wall, especially wall stickers in living rooms, stairs and hallways. Besides typical straight stripes in different widths, but there are also great wallpaper with wavy patterns . By waveform created more momentum and the room looks more youthful and less severe. Also striped wallpaper harmonize with monochrome wallpaper and give the room an individual character.

Wallpaper with photo opportunity are currently in vogue. With photorealistic wallpaper in various stone decors can be the same as with photo wallpaper great effects. How about, for example, with a clinker stone look around the fireplace or a slate wall in the living room? Photographic Themes like these also come not only in their own home good. Wallpaper with photo opportunity are also very good for restaurants and retail space.

More wallpaper, click the Home Trend Online Shop in the Collections structure, elegant, accent and harmony or at your Home Trend dealer in your area.