Volt Charger Also Mobiles Across the Border

The Danish start-up company specializing in mobile chargers for festival guests have been adult.

We have previously discussed the company Volt Aps, which is started by a group of students, and as DTU in Skanderborg, Denmark and Roskilde Festival offered mobile ladeløsninger.

The goal is clear
The company focuses exclusively on delivering the best possible solution to the lack of power, when we are not near a charger for our mobile devices. 

Huge demand
The solution which the Volt offers have since the initial test with Skanderborg and Roskilde Festival be enormously sought-after.

New investments gives opportunities
Volt has with new investments could meet the demand which has haglet down since startup

The company that started up with small jumps, offers at the time of writing mobile chargers for 19 different festivals spread across 4 countries. It is apparent from the website.