Vintage Fashion: Tips For Shopping In Thrift Stores Online

All it girl has an arsenal of clothing and accessories with “my grandmother wore” face. The retro style is always present in fashion and the fact of having exclusive pieces is the most important thing for the vintage movement.

Being vintage is behavior that goes far beyond a simple trend of fashion. It is the past that comes to the fore in looks full of creativity and the concept that fashion should be recycled and recreated always.

It is worth mixing, innovating, giving a touch of novelty clothes and accessories, which are true relics of an era. But much better than to spend buying old-face pieces, you can bet on online stores and thrift stores, which in addition to having a lot of variety, work with more affordable prices! Check out a shopping guide on the web:

  1. Vintage Luxury

This hype space has articles for every fashionable girl with an eye for vintage luxury. The store is in São Paulo and has a blog to promote its pieces. The best thing is that if you want to buy something without having to land in the capital of São Paulo, send the picture of the clothes you liked by e-mail, that they send the pieces by mail!

My grandmother had

All the collection of the brechó My Grandmother Had, even in the part of antique, that are true immersions in a machine of the time, is full of style and daring. To buy, just choose the part and send an email to the place, that they send the order via mail. According to information on the site, many designers bring in the store for inspiration. Worth knowing!

Lady Magnolia

The site inspires cuteness and Grandma’s house. The style of the pieces seeks to rescue the elegance of past decades, with its delicate sophistication and romance. The pieces are new and original but filled with vintage atmosphere. Highlight for jewelry and for decor items, which are a breeze!


In this site of buying and selling handicrafts, you find everything! The platform’s idea is to turn creative ideas into unique and differentiated products. Elo7 forms a set of custom stores that have beautiful articles for those who do not want to find anyone out there using an equal piece. It is worth checking!

Vintage Fleece

A corner of used products with the face of fashion euroupeia in Brazil, this is how it looks and calls itself Vintage Brechó – Get the british style. The site is part of the Vintage Memoirs project, which aims to facilitate access and exchange of information between Europe and Brazil. The pieces are mined and handpicked by the team, who seeks out all the fashion charm of the 1920s through the 1980s. Check more at