Vintage Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

You are a little nostalgic? Or you fell in love with the decor of yesteryear? Why not give a little vintage look to your kitchen? I propose in this article a few tips for decorating interior that will delight your family and guests!

Dare deco vintage retro!

Timeless, colorful as you wish, so original and charming, the decor vintage wowed us! This trend, which is drawn primarily from the 50 and 60 puts the antique furniture in the spotlight and allows them to enjoy a second life. So do not be allergic to flea markets and second hand shops!

However, if you prefer to buy new or that you do not find the parts you want, Made in furniture offers beautiful

Vintage Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

collections with this aged look desired. Our furniture therefore have experienced this effect, as if they were renovated.

6 Decoration Ideas for a Vintage Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that should be both functional and enjoyable. It must be practical because it is the place where we store our food at a time, where we prepare, bake and serve.

For a convivial meal, decorating the kitchen should be worked. The whole family should feel good and like to settle there. To create this cozy space, you can opt for a retro furniture like a bar counter  or eat standing .

If you want to find the ancient atmosphere in your kitchen, I offer these tips:

1) Prefer natural materials

Forget lacquered furniture or acrylic and opt for old materials. Wood is a must which also has the advantage of warm spaces (for a wooden kitchen furniture , check out our collection “genuine natura”).The iron will in turn an industrial touch. The aluminum, leather and brick are also raw materials that fit our time.

2) Think of the old tiles

Replace the old tiles and elegant patterns to date! These will give personality to your kitchen and combined perfectly with furniture retro as current. You can ask the floor or wa

3) Create your own decorative items

I invite you to test a Do it Yourself with objects of Recycling. Your creations will make the decor of your kitchen unique and original! Here are some ideas achievements:

4) Dress up your walls with a vintage poster

A vintage poster will enhance the retro feel of your kitchen. now found in all kinds in shops and Internetages.

5) Deco idea: the pastel vintage

The pastel colors soften your mottled decoration. I personally think it’s a great mixture that gives the kitchen a sweet little romantic and refined air.

6) How about a retro kitchen?

Have you thought American retro style? More recent and very colorful, trendy decoration that does not leave indifferent!

Kitchen Furniture Selection In Vintage Style

You will find on the site Made in furniture furniture in an old style as we like! I invite you to discover this small selection full of charms.