Victoria’s Secret Angel Costume Ideas

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are on the starting blocks for the Fashion Show 2016. Some news leaks out and even some design new costumes. Here is what you will prepare to wear the models during the show. You’ll be dazzled by the fireworks!

The highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is coming – the parade will be on November 10 in New York – and even if none of the bigwigs confirmed everyone, absolutely everyone, the details of the show, there is much to learn from these four sketches that were submitted in advance.

  1. American Angel

After a year away in London, this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is back in New York and, by taking a look at this costume for the “Pink” section of the show, there will certainly be an opportunity to celebrate this American return extravagantly. Some might think that it is more suitable a corset with stars and stripes. Just because it would be difficult to think you can see the shape of Mount Rushmore heads of angels who walk with the attached wings. Maybe you can see one of them with a top hat and a fake beard. For a real Abraham Lincoln sexy. Yet we keep the fingers crossed!

  1. Snow Angel

No one can forget the Karlie Kloss walk during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2013. She was a costume set with crystals. It was probably one of the most beautiful look of the whole history of entertainment. It was so beautiful that Taylor Swift has decided to get around to his tour with a jumpsuit that was inspired by her. Giving a little peek, it seems that this year be prepared for the wonders of a winter wonderland.

  1. Dark Glamour Angel

This sketch is hard to pin down. There is the fabric, the shimmering beads, fringe, feathers and wings with a tattoo on the edges. It seems much more simple lingerie. And then there’s also a touch of vintage in this whole thing. Because of that necklace that covers the neckline from the throat. Maybe this year the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will take us through a journey in time to the dawn of civilization and then fly to futuristic horizons. Sexy and also educational!

  1. The angel by fireworks

The theme “American Angel” is already covered, now you miss the theme for the carnival section with tropical spirit. If the shows of recent years do not give us any clue about, for 2016 it is very likely to be created some real sparks of color with colored beads for costume design. The real question is: but under this lingerie there will other underwear? From the sketch because the model looks pretty bare. Perhaps he must remove bare like Beyonce at the Met Ball. Yes, it would be ironic!