Victoria Beckham Collection Autumn-Winter

Victoria Beckham It has become a surprise in New York another season, if recently announced its first store opening in London, it seems that with every collection is consolidating more and more his role as designer and leaves behind that of singer with some tacky air. His collection has been marked by the the black and white, as almost always, but with touches of red color very interesting.

It seems that the best allies of Victoria are the black and the White, that are present in absolutely all the collections, this year also and in addition to a very marked way. But we see fairly new aspects in the the former spice girl designs such asymmetric volumes in straight and sober clothes and also elements such as strings that adorn the clothes as.

Is also quite surprising use some shades of color in very abstract drawings and little defined lines not in the makings, but in the prints and drawings I found in some of the designs that make up the collection. Perhaps also highlighted in this collection much more loose clothing and wonderful long dresses for any red carpet.

Victoria has hailed shy as always receive the deserved applause from a very loyal audience that is getting with the passage of time and its beautiful and possible collections. We look forward to see how the physical sale going on your New London store.

Photos | Gtres