Viber Come to Android in March

Last month came to iPhone Viber, a free call service that it worked on 3 G and WiFi. In summary: one more alternative to Skype and a “threat” to the mobile operators.

Unlike other similar applications Viber allows you to receive calls push as if they were normal phone calls. Also integration with the phone’s phonebook is full, since she can see who uses it and call them directly.

Its success in iOS has been overwhelming and now developers have planning make the jump to Android in the month of March. According to a statement from Talmon Marco, founder of Viber, the blog MobileCrunch soon we can enjoy this application in our smartphones and tablets.

The “exclusivity” of the iOS application has allowed them to probe the interest of users in an application, but now open to other platforms and expand to other public.

Therefore, starting from March users of Android and iOS may speak without stopping and soon texting WhatsApp style. A preliminary version will be launched soon for Android at the moment we do not know if it will be public or closed.