Valentino Spring-Summer: Nudity, Romantic and Full of Elegance

Maria Grazia Chiuri and PierPaolo Piccioli they are the couple of designers behind the maison Valentino. Your responsibility as creative directors of the brand is huge. Little by little and with good lyric have marked their own style within the House without forgetting the legacy of the maestro Valentino. Your designs romantic and elegant they are an enduring success collection after collection.

Valentino is associated with the color red, It has always been thus, but Grazia and Piccioli have wanted to mark out this easy resource and collections only have any stroke that tone but always with strong designs and great presence.

The transparencies in the romantic style dresses they are subtle and denote elegance well understood without falling at any time in the vulgar.

Seems to be that The lace never fail season after season but few know it to reinterpret with as much delicacy as Valentino. Lace big, small or die cutting in white, gold and green tones to extol a unique fabric.

Breast and small peter pan collars They adorn shirts, dresses and sweaters. A child and candid touch that impoverishes not garments, but that gives them a different chic and retro touch.

The minimalist touch We also have it present in the collection, drainpipe trousers and long dresses with movement without any detail. The only plug-in that we see in the collection are some bags. There are no jewels or any add-on more.

The designs of night or holidays are sophisticated, elegant, romantic and distinguished. Sheer dresses with light prints, dresses with beading details to create a unique woman.

The nakedness of the nude you bathe almost the entire collection with small details, or as a total look.

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