Uber, Banned in All Germany [Updated]

A German court has imposed the veto at the national level in all Germany to this company’s transportation services: uberPOP can not therefore operate in the Germanic country (although they may continue to do so much UberBLACK as UberTAXI). Do so and violate this ruling über would have to pay a fine of 250,000 euros for each of these actions.

The controversy surrounding über remains one of the key notes of this company which is one of the startups with greater appreciation of the world. Its explosive growth in countries around the world has been found with a regulation and a sector of the taxi that as in Spain has done that service is also prohibited.

Über He was already blocked in Germany a few months ago but that first sentence was cancelled shortly after. Now the demand of the company Taxi Deutschland has had as result that prohibition which will cause illegal services über UberPOP service is provided within the German borders.

The judge who presided over the team of three Thursday charged in the case, Joachim Nickel, had already announced his vision of the problem stated that “there is a violation of the law on passenger transport because drivers operating without authorization” and stated that you persons which lead to Über they do not have the appropriate licenses.

Lawyers representing über claimed that their services were not subject to the laws governing the taxi industry, since your company simply acts as an exchange between drivers and customers. Another of the judges responded to this allegation by saying that “in that case they should include in its description of business über offers trips for free”. The judges also They criticized the absence of coverage for drivers. “The business model is not approvable according to European and constitutional law”.