Types of Women’s Bags

Meet 11 different models of women’s handbags

Have you stopped to realize how there are so many different names of models of women’s handbags?Especially when shopping on the internet, you can notice the myriad of nomenclatures that the dear female companions can receive.

In order to prevent you from being confused or in doubt about the existing models, we explain in this matter the difference between the main types of feminine bags.

Check below models of handbags, back, shoulder and shoulder straps and see the main features that differentiate them from other handbags.


The wallet is no longer a bag that only serves to store belongings such as documents and money and has become an accessory to compose looks and today appears in more varied models and full of styles.

Its main features are the internal partitions and the size that allows it to be carried in the hand.


The clutch bag is the famous party bag.Each day they appear in more innovative designs, showing the strength of this item to make up party looks.There are structured models and more malleable models, more minimalist models and others full of details like glitter, stoneware and other applications.Its main difference compared to the wallet purse is the finish and the material that are more sophisticated.


The Louis Vuitton handbag by Audrey Hepburn, now appears in collections of different brands and in the most different re-readings.Its main feature is the rounded shape that resembles a chest.In general, her handles are short, which means she has to be carried in her hand.


According to Itypemba.com, the backpack bag is a handy bag for those times when you need practicality and free arms, but it can also be a stylish accessory to get a more stripped-down look.In general, they have thin straps and zip fastening or zipper and buckle on the outside.They can appear in medium or large models.


Shoulder bags are great companions of women, and it can be said that every woman has ever had or will have one someday.They are usually large or medium models, to fit everything that women need to carry in the bag.The models can be more rounded, rectangular, structured or not or with one or two handles.


The hobo bag is generally made of more malleable material and is not very structured.Its shape resembles the shape of a half moon and has only one handle.This model is very suitable for those who like to carry few and supports the bag on the shoulder.


The totem purse, also known as shopper or shopping bag, is a large size bag and reinforced structure as it is made to carry shopping.There are more refined models and simpler models to go to the market, for example.Totem bags do not necessarily have to be used for purse purposes to carry shopping, it can be a fashion accessory, since they have many different models.


The bag purse is a purse in the shape of a purse and usually has only one handle.Can be carried on the shoulder or hand, depending on the size of your handle.


The satchel bag is a shoulder bag that differs from the others by its rectangular shape and the double shoulder straps.Can be carried on the shoulder or hand, depending on the size of the bag and the handle.Their models are usually well structured.


This is a very handy and handy model of handbag, both for day and night use to go to a bar or ballad where you do not want to hold the bag.Its discreet size makes this bag interesting for times when the bag is not a key point in production.They can appear in square or rounded models, always with a long transverse handle.


The bag postman is a medium or large purse that resembles the postman bags and has a long, sturdy cross handle.They are practical for those who want to keep their hands free and need to carry several items in the bag.