Types of Sleeping Bag Filling

The sleeping bag is almost the most important piece of equipment when you are traveling with the Scouts. After all, you spend a lot of time in it.

The selection of the right can, however, be difficult. Too different are the requirements, the differences between the various models and also their own asking price. We will try here to give a few tips to make the choice easier.


Perhaps the most important feature of a sleeping bag. Should he be even used all year round rather in summer, in winter or. Since every person but has a different temperature sensitivity, one can not give general recommendations. A sleeping bag, which ensures a comfortable sleep for one average temperature sensitive person can for other much too cold.

Therefore, the temperature information should be seen on the commercial sector as a guide only. Who freezes faster, should therefore rather take a sleeping bag bought from PimaSleepingBags, which is also suitable for lower temperatures. Dear warmer than sleeping freeze!

Who wants to use the sleeping bag, both in winter and in summer, and not want to buy two, should buy a sleeping bag in a sleeping bag in addition. These so-called sleeping bag-blinders are much cheaper than a complete sleeping bag and can extend the comfort range by several degrees, in extreme cases, to 10 degrees down. These are usually made ​​of fleece and can be used separately. They also protect the inside of the sleeping bag, because you can take them out and wash easily. Temperature ranges for the comfort area of a sleeping bag:

to + 10 ° Sleeping bags for summer and southern regions
to + 5 ° Suitable for very cold summer nights
to 0 ° 2-season sleeping bags; for summer and to temperatures around 0 ° C
until 5 For moderate frost suitable (to about -5 ° C)
to – 7 ° 3-season sleeping bags, also for stronger freezing temperatures
until 10 Due winterized sleeping
to 15 Sleeping bags for the great cold


Which filling is the better choice, mainly decides the area of ​​operation. For the use in not too extreme temperatures (too hot, too cold) are synthetic fibers and down fillings equally suitable. Therefore, here to decide the respective advantages and disadvantages, which filling is the better.

Synthetic fillings:
synthetic fiber fillings are made ​​of hollow polyester fibers, which are coated with silicone, so do not get caught, the individual fibers and so Bausch ability is lost. With cheap sleeping bags but can be destroyed at the first wash this jacket.

Advantages: – Dry quickly
– insulation also good when the sleeping bag is wet / damp
– insensitive to moisture
– easy to wash
disadvantages: – With the same characteristics serious and as compact as a down sleeping bag
Applications: – Areas with high humidity
– normal winter tours

Down fillings:
goose down is still the filler material most commonly used. As down absorbs moisture well, it will give you a pleasant sleeping climate. However, this also has its downside: when the down fibers are too wet and hold more than 3 times the weight of water, they begin to clump together. Therefore, in moist areas, a sleeping bag with synthetic fill is clearly preferable, since the down is otherwise permanently damp and no longer warms enough. Down should never be compressed wet, as this can lead to permanent damage of the down feathers.

Advantages: – Pleasant sleeping environment
– smaller and lighter than comparable synthetic bag
– long service life (with appropriate care)
disadvantages: – Sensitive to moisture, so does moisture from the air
– bad when wet insulation effect
Applications: – Mountaineering (low weight / pack size)
– low temperatures (arctic cold), also hardly moisture problem


The narrower the sleeping bag against the body, the better the thermal performance. Therefore, there is next to the square sleeping bag and the close-fitting mummy sleeping bag. However, this is not for everyone, because you can feel slightly cramped and there is little room to move available.
Blankets Sleeping therefore are more suitable for warmer temperatures. At lower temperatures, however, the mummy sleeping bag, or a little further cut variant is better suited in egg shape. Moreover, mummy sleeping bags are lighter, since less material is processed.
However, the sleeping bag should not be too large. Whoever is too short, quickly gets cold feet because a lot of air has to be heated. So rather buy a slightly smaller model or the sleeping bag to strap down and fill it with the clothes.Then this morning are already warmed up.

Other tips

Of course, a sleeping bag without zipper has the lowest heat losses. This variant is anyway available only in extreme sleeping bags. In any case you should make sure that the sleeping bag and a covering for the zipper has to prevent a cold bridge. Also, the zipper should run smoothly.