Types of Hats: Which Template to Use

Accompanying women since the beginning of the sets, the hat is an accessory for those who have style and personality. With many models and fabrics, in addition to protecting the head of cold and heat, they give an incremented to visual and leave any basic look more stylish. Thinking that the Trend Chic met in your current collection the most beloved models for women, so we separate the best tips and types of hats for you to use:

Types of Hats: which template to use

Floppy Hat

With the large tab and the rounded hat, the hat model called Floppy was the most used among the hippies in the 60 and 70. Have a romantic air and combines with looks as much as the summer of winter, that’s one of the little darlings in festivals. A good hint to use this model is with unique pieces, such as dresses or casacões, leaving the visual right Hippie Chic.

Fedora Hat

The Fedora hat has average size tab and the crumpled Cup, produced with felt fabric, is a model that accompanied the men at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is a model that orna with multiple looks and women appropriated to complement the visual. He leaves the look with a more Bohemian, and combines from pants to long skirts, leave the look pulled pro Boho.

Coconut Hat

Among the types of hats, Bowler Hat is what requires more style to use. Also used by men on special occasions, this model makes the hat look more modern and stripped. He is good in look, with Black parts.

Clochê Hat

The clochê hat is the most romantic in our collection. Features the Bell format, and was rather used by women in the 20:30, being related to women who fought for independence. This model leaves the visual well girly, so bet on good female parts for visual stay complete.

Be sure to check out the beautiful new collection of hats of the Trend and use the kinds of hats that match more your style this winter!