Twitter Reveals App for Windows Phone

“We want you to be able to receive tweets quickly and easily, no matter what device you are using.” This is how the product manager for Mobile on Twitter, Leland Rechis, informs the Twitter blog readers that a new version of the application site was launched. This time, for the long – awaited Windows Phone 7, which has its big debut in November in the United States.

Twitter for WP7 takes advantage of completely different interface of the Windows platform for mobile devices. Instead of a polluted screen, we have several areas in white, with a nice array of texts. Since its first performance, the Windows Phone 7 has been garnering accolades from designers. And the Twitter app goes through the same situation: it is beautiful to see, and apparently interesting to use.

One of WP7 features of which the most Twitter takes advantage are the pivots , those kinds of pages that the platform: just slide your finger to the left or right to view content related to the one being viewed. In the Twitter app, the Trending Topics are next to the Promoted Tweets, a gesture touch away.