Twitter Launches Custom Timelines for You to Create Tweets Collections

The Twitter today announced custom backgrounds, a feature that will allow users to create timelines with tweets handpicked or based on certain rules. The novelty, much like the idea of Storify, will initially be available in TweetDeck, customer purchased by Twitter in May 2011.

The idea of ​​Twitter is that users can create collections of tweets about a particular subject, so that others can track everything in real time. Custom historical can be embedded on other websites and have a dedicated page on Twitter, accessible by any user.

In TweetDeck, where personal history began to be available, it is clear that the feature is still very raw: basically, the only thing you can do is give a name, description and drag tweets there. However, an API will allow automatic inclusion of tweets to follow certain rules, such as specific user tweets or having some keyword (only depends on the creativity of the developers).

Some custom historical examples have been published on Twitter. The British Guardian will use the feature to display readers questions and answers journalists on information leaked by Edward Snowden, who disclosed confidential information about the US spying program. Already Twitter #music created a collection of tweets sent by music celebrities.

Just a test

To create a custom history, access Twitter through TweetDeck. The feature is being released gradually to all users. Developers can find more information on this page .Currently, the API is restricted to a small number of guests.