Turbans, Hats, Impressions, or Tiaras Combs: Tips for Using

Despite the tropical climate and the strong presence of the Sun, the Brazilian began to bet on the use of turbans in his hair and hats recently. The designer Denise Birth went to Europe to learn the ancient art of headwear, to satisfy a personal desire, than a real demand for manufacturing. “I’d be very delighted at the sight of a woman in white walking down the aisle with her head all made”, admits Pro. Now, with his own Atelier, his creations have circulated for several heads, leaving the looks more special.

Fashion hats

According to the professional, the great adherence to Open turbans and the impressions by Brazil was a surprise. “British women are not afraid to make mistakes, and they’re betting on looks exaggerated and extravagant combinations of even color. The Brazilian already are more critical time to incorporate an accessory “, compares Denise.

“We are so free to express ourselves, but we’re still overcoming fear to try and find us culturally. In addition, the fashion is still a novelty for the Brazilian. It’s like we’re insecure about how to use it, and end up sinning for fear of making mistakes, “says the designer.

“We should have already incorporated the wear hats as a basic way to protect eyes, face and head of the light and heat of the Sun,” says the entrepreneur. According to her, this has not happened yet because in Brazil there is no art of headwear and, consequently, it is not easy to find good hats. The best are made of fabric like silk, or 100% cotton. The quality of the finish is also critical. Denise explains that in the art of headwear is not allowed the use of glue or synthetic materials, because they let the ugly parts and crude.

Tips for using hair accessories

According to the expert, the hair accessories and head provide style to any event. “The turbans are the most versatile. Usable, they add a lot to the look, leaving the stylish woman. Can be used to go to a party, as well as a dinner or to the beach. Everything depends on the fabric and the other pieces of the look “, teaches.

Be a turban, Scull CAP, comb, tiara or hat. To choose your, the important thing is to experiment. “Hat, or fit or not,” says the designer, defender of the idea that accessories need comfort and good trim. To join the trend, the secret is to experience the pieces. “The first step is to break the resistance to find out, in practice, what works best, and learn the importance of a head well made in the composition of look”, advises stylist.

For starters, the Pro betting on three basic pieces suggests: an embroidered tiara, a turban and a comb. It ensures that there are no rules for use. “It’s always good sense and good taste. Just can’t use ugly hat, “Denise.