Trinkets Bracelets

The part that has already been hit in 2011 returned to the arms of the ItGils-learn how to make your.

Have you ever heard of the bracelet of life? Known today as bracelet of trinkets, the play was very successful in 2012 and 2013 and this year wants to get back with everything to animate the looks of the famous and fashionistas.

Just like the clothes we wear, the accessories are strong forms of expression. And in the case of these bracelets is possible to express a little bit of everything from fun pendants that you can buy separately to make a single piece.

Recently, the actress Sophie Charlotte nailed using beloved trinkets bracelets. She is the current star of Life collection in the world, that references to the most amazing places around the globe, with new trinkets, city and special symbols. A luxury!

Famous as Bruna Majmudar, Sabrina Sato and Isis Valverde has also played in the trend, as well as famous fashion bloggers as Karol Pinheiro, Lia Camargo and Niina Secrets.

The bracelets fit your style and up to moment of life. More flashy pendants are ideal for the younger women, while the neutral pendants can be used freely by the mature women and classic.

Beyond the ‘ Life ‘ of Vivara, other brands such as Pandora also created customizable super stylish bracelets. The prices of the two bracelets brands vary between R $145 R $6,050 (Pandora) and R $150 R $1,650 (Vivara) at

Bracelet of trinkets cheaper

If you want to be trendy without spending more than R $100 in a bracelet, we have the perfect alternative for you. It is possible to find national and international sites in a variety of bracelets without brand for you full of trinkets.

In choosing the spangles is also easy to find jewelry pendants by R $8 and up to £ $9. Cool, isn’t it? To haggle, just wondering.

Tips for assembling trinkets bracelet

After buying the base, it is time for the Assembly. For ease you can choose a theme and work upon it. Can be “bugs”, “nature”, “love” or even “good luck”, the sky is the limit.

Then, you need to pay attention to the trinkets you have. The trinkets like pendent, those penduradinhos, always need separators (stopper) or trinkets simple so they don’t end up on top of each other.

Is cool too watch time of colors. You can mount the whole bracelet based on a color or merge, is your criterion. Finally, don’t forget to buy a lock for wristband, this prevents the trinkets drop when you remove the accessory.

Liked it? Now just play the trend.