Trends for Autumn 2016

The fall evil has arrived and we know who’s tuned in sets is already keeping an eye on trends for the season. Although the temperatures still have not downloaded a lot, it’s time to start to rearrange the wardrobe and rescue that cardigan that was saved.Not to miss in visual and get time to go look around dictating fashion, we list parts will be hits in the coming months.

Fashion is very cyclical and the trends back and forth. Today no longer has that thing right or wrong. But some items have just been highlighted in international fashion week and different brands are betting on similar parts. Beyond the traditional black and white chess and tailoring cuts, hooded sweatshirt and jackets of type college ensure visual stripped, fun and youthful for all ages.


College Jacket

In addition to being a common bet for sports brands, traditional brands like Coach and Burberry presented a rereading of the jackets worn by students in the years 1980 and 1990 on the catwalk of Haute Couture in Milan. Made in different materials (leather, sequins, and wool to knit), the play warrants look jovial, stripped and fun. The mixture of colors, embroidery or pet application, can be used with jeans and tailoring trousers for women of all ages. If the piece is long, bet on dress or pants tight. If a shorter jacket and tight, the ideal is to use it with mouth wide pants.

Hooded Sweatshirt

One of the famous who love and use the coat with personality is Rihanna, who usually wear sweatshirts big making a dress. The singer is always photographed with the visual. Despite appearing in different sizes (Cara Delevingne, for example, often use a smaller and more short Sweatshirt), the over sized model has been the bet of the famous.

Totally Jeans

Jeans is a universal fabric that everybody likes and everyone has at home. The tip of this season is to mix the washes or use the same tone. In addition to combine with velvet or colored pieces, the sweaters jeans can be worn with skirts, shorts or pants. Colorful accessories or nudes will combine. If the intention is to be more fashion, can finish with boots, shoes loafers or Oxford type. Already the big boots and sneakers make the look more relaxed.


The black and white combination is a classic that never goes out of style. Chess is an icon of winter and all brands and shops usually bet. Can be a dress, a jacket or just a skirt. To combine, bet on the use of black pantyhose. If the style is punk, combine with other parts in black color. If the proposal is to be more glamorous, use off white tone.


This season, the international fashion designers have given prominence to looks well masculinized. The modern woman is feminine the way like the sexy style and practical without being obvious. It is a strong identity and it shows its power in the expression and beauty. Bet on tailoring pieces in more feminine colors, they tend to balance the look.