Trend: Paint Unfinished or Half Painted

Image Jotun

If you do not know this new trend in decoration safe that you think that they have not finished painting at the same time that you ask and why they have set up the furniture and the decoration if they have not finished?. You’re wrong, the work is finished and the goal achieved, painted creating an unfinished effect.

No lines to combine two colors on a wall, leave aside the masking tape to delimit, can spend with roller, indeed, Miss you if want to get this effect.

I think I will presume this to paint my shop you need a hand in painting, this technique will come to me great because the walls being a basement are not completely smooth. I’ve seen some pictures as it is this effect in gotelé and I like if I try, promise to tell about it!.

As nothing is what it seems, and we are sure that it is not so simple to make, I leave a tutorial of Jotun where you can see how they have managed to finish the first photo. In this case they have used a third color for a gradient effect and I have to say that I love the result, that strong green color, combined with white, it is perfect for a bedroom. The roller brand is not so defined, and I think it looks more elegant, although surely that my mother would also “And is it true that you’re going to leave as” ja, ja, ja.

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