Trekking, a Metaphor for Life

I want you to see this post as a relaxed bar conversation, as if we were in the fifth round of chopp and that the subject was the practice of trekking. I feel obliged to warn that this talk may take a philosophical course too, but I deeply believe what I am going to say. Then pull up a chair and sit down.

Yes, it sounds strange, but I see trekking as a perfect metaphor for life. I have always felt that this activity has a very strong relationship with the way we deal with our existence. I’ll explain better.

I find it striking how the practice of outdoor walking resembles an entire life trajectory. In trekking, we encounter difficulties, joys, difficult moments, achievements, fear, discover our limits, stimulate self-confidence and plan some steps. And in life it is so. And it goes further: we fall, we stand, we find stones, we travel high and low, we distance ourselves from people, we lose ourselves, we find ourselves, we walk alone, we walk together, we make friends, we gain discontent and we are always searching for the highest point: Personal fulfillment.

In addition, I can see from physicscat that trekking is a true school that plays a very strong role in building some values, such as solidarity, fellowship, ecological awareness and many others. There are those who can say that all this is silly, that the trekking is not just an outdoor activity.Nothing more. But, in my opinion, trekking helps in the process of identity-building, such as having a less materialistic view of the world, but it is safe to say that it has no guarantee of change. It gives you the opportunity, but it goes from person to person.

If we carry a lot of heavy load, we also experience experiences that aid in the stoning of our personality. That is, we know our limits, we travel, we visit fantastic places, we deal with people…Anyway, all the events of trekking, such as tensions, decision making, achievements, improvisations, successes, frustrations and other experiences Trajectory of the human being.

So, just like in the walk of life, the practice of trekking is a constant learning and, once we start traveling, we put the backpack on, we learn to walk, we do not want to stop.