Tree of Life Jewelry: a New Trend

Tree of life jewelry is currently in all conceivable variations. The Celtic tree of life has become namely jewelry trend in itself. Amulets of silver, wood, stone, bronze, Tin or other materials don’t make easy spoilt for choice, select the matching Celtic tree of life jewelry including. There is the tree of life in countless beautiful motifs as pendants for necklaces, ear ring, earrings or brooches in many special shops for Celtic jewelry or even online to buy. Some of the beautiful gems are decorated with precious stones.

Tree Of Life Jewelry For Good Luck

Trees are for many cultures as a symbol for the nature and the eternity of life. Among the Celts, trees played a central role. Many trees were the Celts even sacred. The discovery of the Celtic tree circle is one of the most valuable findings on the knowledge of ancient peoples. The Celtic tree circle divided into 21 trees and is based on the Celtic Cross, which divides the year into four seasons. For every season, there was a main tree for the Celts. The oak is associated with March 21. It stands for the day and Equinox and the beginning of spring. The Birch for the Celts started the summer solstice on June 24. Also the olive tree symbolizes the day – and night same thing, this time however with 23 September for the autumn equinox.The December 22 is the day of the beech, which stands for the winter solstice.

Other Trees In The Celtic Tree Circle

Who wants to give away jewelry tree of life or even make to the gift, needs quite much knowledge about the Celtic tree circle, because many other trees as the four mentioned above play a major role here. Some of the 17 remaining trees appear in the Celtic tree circle even multiple. 16 of the trees except for the four main trees appear twice the poplar, but even three times and thus represents an exception. It is considered the tree of self-knowledge, appears but shorter than the other 16 trees that once in the light and in the dark half of the year appear. Most trees are associated but the wedding date or the date of birth and this tree of life jewelry should then bring the carrier or pair of good luck.

The Meaning Of Tree Of Life Among The Ancient Peoples

Other peoples revered the life or world tree as the Celts. The Germans ordered including the nine different worlds to the tree of life. In Mesopotamia and India stands the tree of life starting from the underworld, where his roots are anchored to the top of the mountain of the world, because the Crown of the tree of life, for all areas of life reaches there after this performance. In shamanism, the tree of life for there is to establish connection to the creation of centres and the realm of spirits and gods. Other peoples, where the tree of life as a myth is to find, are for example the Babyloner, Turkic peoples, Mayan, Persian, Latvians, Greeks and Hebrews.

For more information about the meaning of the tree of life in the different cultures you receive on the sitetree of life .

The Celtic Tree Of Life And Celtic Jewelry

The ideas of the Celts are perceived today by many people with enthusiasm. Celtic jewelry has therefore become a trend, which includes also the various representations of the Celtic tree of life. The roots of the tree connect the earth goddess and the Crown stands for the Celts for the spirit. The intertwined branches represent the cohesive nature of the family. Tree of life jewelry is a wonderful gift idea following 3Rjewelry.