Trebosi Nail Art

As mentioned in the article dedicated to Esthetiworld 2012, we have known the company close Trebosi leader in the sale of enamels, nail products and professional training.

Founded in 1956 by Urban Bosetti as “Bosj” Today is a great company that operates internationally, offering a wide range of products and accessories for the reconstruction, nail art, aesthetics and equipment for nail care as well as offering courses specialized training.

The preparation of professional nail is in fact a point of excellence for Trebosi organizing with the utmost seriousness nail reconstruction courses with gel method, Acrylic and Nail Art.

On the occasion of Esthetiworld fair, Trebosi presented the new line enamels 2012/2013, and we have had the opportunity to try them. Today we will present two particular glazes and a treatment for cuticles:

– The enamel 171 Dulcinea;
– the enamel base;
– Nurture Oil,  oil for cuticles.

It ‘a nail polish for natural nails, a beautiful orange-red. Initially I was attracted to the idea of an orange color on the nails, but when I saw the final effect I really changed my mind: it is a beautiful color and frankly not go unnoticed.

The enamel Trebosi 101 Dulcinea is elegant and sensual for a refined look, but thanks to the orange note when it is combined with a sporty look becomes sprint and cheerful.

The little bottle in imitation Chanel rectangular glass opening to the double cap, containing 12 ml.

The brush is medium / large is well cut and extremely accurate even within cuticles, helps in an important way the drafting and allows you to fill the nail even with only 2 strokes.

The composition of Trebosi enamel is very light, it almost seems not to have the nail polish on the nails and it is precisely because of its light weight which needs at least 2 passes, but fear always keeps drying fast, certainly the fastest ever proven in one enamel.

The finish is perfect, very polished and lacquered, also the duration is very good, resists quietly four days without a top coat. The incidence is not organic, but it’s great because it has no harmful substance.

All Trebosi enamels are inspired by the femininity and elegance, in fact, each number is assigned a woman’s name.

preserves the same characteristics of the enamel, the same packaging and the composition remains unchanged, is completely transparent and is very shiny, I think it can also be a valid top coat.

AND ‘a nourishing oil for cuticles , it shows a delicious vial and a convenient applicator ideal dropper to dispense the right amount.

Nurture Oil Trebosi is made ​​from a mixture of 5 therapeutic emollients: jojoba oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, soybean oil and wheat germ oil, as well as vitamin C and E with antioxidant properties. Excellent and recommended to nourish and moisturize the cuticles.

I had never tried the products Trebosi, this was my first test and review, but have already conquered me. The excellent quality certainly highlights the professional cut of all products, but are also ideal to those who only own use.

I am fully satisfied with the board and I promote the Trebosi enamels and the ‘oil for cuticles! If you also want to try you, discover the entire range and more information about the company please visit the official web site. You will also find all the details on the training courses.