Travel Safely!

I’ve had several issues with suitcase. Misplaced my luggage garment cheinhaaa (buááá), broke padlocks, burst zipper, forget what my suitcase on the treadmill (blanked), I was told to deliver my suitcase in the hotel because she ended up in another destination, anyway, many heartbreaks, but despite the disorders we get experience with it!

Thinking about it, and of course on the next trip, was choose which bag to buy and I was surprised with several models from, each serving different needs: Pack light, Pack with wheels, handbags, bags stamped with double zipper, teen bags, anyway… I registered some for you Choose a template for your call!

The models below are works of design Romero Brito. Found super cheerful, and the nice thing is that by far you your eyes bagagem….rs!

The models below feature a security system that I loved: a lock where the Federal Police and Customshave a key that unlocks the trunk without destroy there! Ahhh and has double zipper!

The bags are lightweight, looks like you’re pushing a toy… lol!!! She is a feather, great for people living traveling and carrying luggage… ahhh this is luxury guess!!! For me (and I’m not stupid huh!), this type of bag is gold, people say, is for anyone who wants quality of life…

Look at this model, fashionista wealth well teen right?! This inspires me a trip to Disney World, with the class of the College, vacation at the home of relatives, to make Exchange…

Who wants to give a gift, both for man and for woman, look at this option of hand bag with stand, for quick trips. Ahhh can take on board too!

Now the feeling is of utmost necessity: handbag for international flights. Liquid bottles cannot have more than 100 ml onboard (can go only in luggage shipped), then where? And the remedies? Anyway… is a tip fofíssimaaa and best of all, you like neh “amigooo price”! The kits vary between R $39.99 to 89.99. Excellent choice for Christmas gift, nossaaaa as I gente…rs in advance!!!