Toy Allows Babies to Post Selfies on Social Networks

The New Born Fame is a new toy developed in the Netherlands that allows babies to take self-portraits and publish them immediately on social networks.

The idea is, at least, original.A Dutch designer has created a toy that stands in the cradle and which publishes selfies and videos on social networks when it is accessed by children.

The New Born Fame is a device, disguised as a plush toy, that hangs on the baby’s bed, allowing children to take self-portraits.The device, with teddies in the form of the Facebook logo and the Twitter bird, for example, photographs or films a small video when it is squeezed by the child.

The project was developed at the Eindhoven Design Academy by Laura Cornet, a Dutch designer who conceived the product more as a message than as a commercial product.

According to the author, babies are already on social networks even before they are born, due to the growing impetus of parents to share photos of the children on the Internet.

New concept

The Dutch designer is redesigning the prototype so it can send the images and videos directly to the parents’ mobile phones, instead of publishing them on social networks, a concept that is likely to be less criticized.

A study by Microsoft Research found that 62% of mothers of children under the age of three have a Facebook account and that 96% post pictures of their children on social networks.

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