TOP 10 Sweatshirts and Jackets

Talk TIME, all right? Look closer to winter, we’ve started to feel aqueeeeele cold and spent the time to get ready, huh? haha today, in partnership with King55, we put a TOP 10 special Sweatshirts and jackets, all brand new. Bora pro post see these releases?

Those who follow the male fashion, you must meet the King55, right? Vegan and sustainable Brand, 100% Cruelty Free (free of animal cruelty) and that’s always tuned in what happens in our Universe to print trends in its parts and products.

For this Autumn/winter the King invested in new prints, Shapes and Moulds, brought several innovations in Sweatshirts and jackets! Printed, hooded, Without hood, Zippered, without Zipper, Kangaroo, Jacket College (ugh!), and more. To introduce them, nothing better than a TOP 10, right?

So let’s see these Releases? Below, in particular, for you. To view more information about each piece, just click on the Links or Pictures, ok? GO!

1) Sweatshirt with Zipper Black Silver

100% cotton straight modeling, sewn with cotton thread and Polyester yarn, to ensure elasticity and resilience, hoodie with Kangaroo Pocket Braid mooring on front with door Phone or iPod to make the device safe.

2) Wild denim jacket

Denim jacket with slim, modeling has 2 front pockets and custom metal buttons closure. All King55 receive Wash Jeans by a sustainable process, with water re-use.

3) Male Bike Jacket Black

100% polyamide produced shelter, has inside pocket with velcro closure to protect the items loaded.Has Kos and handle with elastic finish.

4) men’s Sweatshirt military green TRASH

Military green sweatshirt with straight modeling and collar and cuffs, waistband, has corrugated. 50% cotton and 50% polyester, also sewn with cotton thread and yarn of polyester, elasticity, resistance and ensuring comfort.

5) Everything Marine Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt with longer modeling, has side zipper on collar bar bald, handle and ribbed bar. He’s produced 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

6) Camo Sweatshirt ARMS

Full Print sweatshirt in iamaccepted, have straighter and extensive modeling, cotton lined hood, waistband and cuffs, corrugated. 100% cotton.

7) Raglan Sweatshirt Sailor

Sweatshirt with front Kangaroo pocket and modeling, has arm sleeve, which offers greater freedom for the movements. 100% cotton, produced in super comfortable and warm to warm up well in cold days.

8) Jacket College Crown 55

Style College jacket with front pockets, lock in pushers, modeling Bomber. Features and print 100% cotton is produced.

9) short-sleeve Sweatshirt Urban

Short-sleeve sweatshirt, with Straight and Wide, modeling has cut the finish line into the bar and on the sleeves. Great choice of thermal insulator, but that can be used on days so cold, Demi-season.

10) Kangaroo King55 Sweatshirt Black

This Sweatshirt features Velcro closure, front Kangaroo pocket, hood with mooring in Shoelace and waistband and cuffs, corrugated. Produced 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Exclusive King55 X Male Fashion Toast

Look at that TIME, the King55 separated mass toast Exclusive for those who buy Sweatshirts from the TOP 10 list, you will receive this Kit 100% cotton produced in partnership with the NGO Supports Animal. For those who want to know more about the work of NGOS, just Click HERE.