Tips to Rock in Visual Country on MS Expo

Boots, hats, belts and buckles are indispensable items in time to produce the looks for rodeos and country events. But what are the best tips for composing a production country without making mistakes and having a wardrobe worthy of an event such as Expo MS 2016? This time, we list several tips for the cowboys and cowgirls who want to tear this party looks. The key parts are the Plaid Shirt, jeans, plus the Texas boot.


Is coming from each major events of Campo Grande. The Expo MS has attractions between 19 and 21 August. One of the show’s day 20 August is with the duo Jorge e Mateus. They will complete 10 years of career and will recall his greatest hits. The event takes place in the Park of Exhibitions Laucídio rabbit. The show’s opening will bring the biggest names in country music: Simone and Kedar, in addition to the double Henry and Diego. Finally, on August 21, the shows of doubles & Lal and João Gustavo Matheus & Murilo. Noting that only in the last few days the event will have free admission.


At night, the dresses are an excellent option for Bush. The cowgirls who choose this play seek a differentiated production, with a boot-barreled higher and powerful. The tip of one’s bet on dresses as the blusê model. This piece is wider at the top, and the skirt is model evazê. The belt is marked with a belt and pants leggings can be inserted in the production, if the day is colder. For more fluid and more delicate dresses worth betting on a mid-cut boot with detail and colorful pespontes.

For a more stripped, but without losing the elegance, it’s worth betting on practical parts, such as the famous jeans with a t-shirt with print country. Browse choose to Texan boots more colorful and patterned. They will provide for your production a more stripped. The accessories are also welcome, as caps and hats. For the cowgirl who wants an even more authentic and production with a strong country, choose a buckle that suits your production.

To the cowboys, the tip is to bet in traditional country style. Shirts or t-shirts are always welcome in the male country productions. To complement, opt for denim jeans and finish with a Texas boot. If the cowboy prefer a production with more details, add the look accessories such as hats, watches, jackets or hats. They help complement your wardrobe without losing balance and harmony.