Tips on What to Bring and What to Do in a Camp!

When you are choosing your camping gear, it is easy to forget some of the most important items such as flashlights, extra batteries and batteries.In camp, we often spend some time in complete monotony, since not everyone is accustomed to this type of program.But what to bring and what to do in a camp?

Before your next trip, we will make a basic suitcase with all the essentials for camping and some of the activities you can practice during the camping.

Camping: what to bring?First aid kit!

Burns, scratches, cuts or impacts, all these are integral parts of an active camp, which makes a first aid kit one of the most important essential camping items that you can bring with you.Do not get to your camp without it, and include some allergy medications, migraines, and possible health conditions that you may have.

Camping list:package of matches

Unless you are a veteran scout, chances are you need some kind of flame to start a campfire.Without the campfire, you have limited food options and the nights become much colder.Do not take a chance, and buy quality matches.You can leave them in your backpack, properly protected from the water, of course.

Things to camp to buy and carry:rope

Rope has several uses in a camp, especially if you know how to make a wide variety of us.You can make a clothesline to dry them, hang your food cooler on a tree at night, create a shelter, or get people out of a complicated situation on a walk or when you go for a swim.The main point: do not go camping without a rope.

What to take to camp:tarpaulins

Whether in use to protect the bottom of your tent or as an extra shelter in your campground, tarps are essential.They are easy to fold, and only take up a small amount of space in your camping backpack.

What to bring from food to camp:a jar of peanut butter or pure peanut

Peanut butter and peanut itself has a long shelf life, and can be used in various recipes and combinations.As a versatile source of fat and protein, peanuts will give you good energy for hiking and camping activities.Be creative in use, and you will have several advantages.

Portable spice rack

Nothing makes more difference in a camp than well-seasoned food.Rather than eating tasteless food, or having all the camp food with the same full and flavored seasoning, take a rack of portable spices or improvise one with your favorite options, to have more culinary options at your campground.

Flashlight for camping

If you need to go to bathroom at night, or pinch a snack, you should always have a flashlight in your essential campsite.Make sure your light source is easily accessible, in case you arrive at your local camp after dark.

Maps and compass for camping

You have GPS on your phone, and you can even have a GPS system on the dashboard of your car.Unfortunately, you may not receive a good signal at remote camp sites, or when you disappear into the woods to hike.Have your basic navigation items, such as a map and compass, with you at all times if your GPS is less reliable.And learn to read these items before going to camp, of course.

Clothes for different climates

You have checked the weather forecast for weeks, ensuring there will be no rain, only sun.Unfortunately, the weather can change quickly, leaving you trapped in the rain or the chill, with your shorts and T-shirts doing a poor job of getting you warm.With an extra set of clothes, you will not have to worry about sudden changes of weather;You can change wet clothing and put on to dry or wear layered clothing during a cold front.

Camping Knife

More commonly known as a Swiss Army Knife at , this tool is an essential camp that takes up almost no space in your suitcases.It works like a knife, corkscrew, saw, small scissors and more, and you will have a variety of essential camping items in an easy to pack and compact size.

Camping tips: what to do?

One of the basic activities of a camp is a walk through the surroundings.It could be a trail, a waterfall, or even a village close by.A hike connects you to the environment, which is the basic purpose of a camp.

Board games are a second option.Especially on days that walking may not be possible, it is a good option to pass the time.At night, it can be great to chat with friends and have some fun.

The lual is another excellent activity, especially if someone in the camp has good musical skills.

The dinner or lunch special are also good activities.At these events, a member of the camp is responsible for preparing the day/night dish for the camp group.

Telling stories around the campfire is also a good activity, especially if you have children in the group.They will have great entertainment to pass the time.

For those who have a bit more capital involved, you can take a datashow and a panel to the camp and do an outdoor movie session.It’s a great and fun option for movie buffs out there.

But beyond our suggestions of activities, we want to know your suggestion:what do you do in a camp? What items do you think are essential for camping? Do you like camping or do not you think that’s a good idea?