Tips on How to Wear High Heels with Clothing

For every occasion, there is a certain model of footwear to make the production flawless. It is important to pay special attention when it comes to combining the shoe with the look to ensure a cherished silhouette and a harmonious look. More formal occasions like wedding parties and graduations call for more sophisticated shoes since the clothes are more detailed. Already for work, choose more basic and comfortable models. In addition to the occasion, it is important to be aware that the footwear and the chosen garment have balance. For example, flare pants look better if combined with a heel shoe. Here are some tips on how to combine high heels with clothing to choose the perfect party shoes and how to combine shoes with bags, check out the right way to combine shoe model with clothing without detonating the look.   At   heavy sandals Heavy sandals with thicker heels, wide straps, buckles, tacking applications and other details, are ideal for composing a rocker-style look by “breaking” all the romanticism and femininity of production in an elegant and daring way.

The heavier sandals combination is perfect with shorter dresses and shorter body skirts that can be flat or patterned following fashion trends.

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Delicate shoes. For girlie and vintage productions, delicate shoes are ideal as they blend nicely with romantic productions. The models of peep toe, sneakers, doll style shoes and more delicate sandals can be smooth, with pastel preferences such as nude, lilac and pink or present floral prints, small animals, polka dots and whatever else the imagination commands. To complement the “little girl” look, delicate shoes should have details of bows, flowers, moorings and different buckles.

The half-paw heel can appear on sandals, peep toes and scarpins. Its model with a platform on the front of the footwear, in addition to leaving the woman even taller and elegant, guarantees more ease and confidence when walking without causing pain in the feet. This type of shoe is great for those who do not dispense with high heels. The half paw combines with all and all women, be they the most daring, modern, delicate, elegant or in the rocker style. There is no mistake: when the shoe is chosen according to your style and the colors you like, the production looks even more beautiful. These were the tips on how to combine high heels with clothing.