Tips on How to Combine Shoes and Hats

Tips on how to combine shoes and hats – Hats make men’s head for many years. This is no accident: besides protecting from the sun, the accessory is charming and complements the looks in a unique way. Regardless of your style, learn to match shoes and hats and sweep up productions.

Check Out Our Tips On How To Combine Shoes And Hats

Cap: Straight Flap X Curved Flap

Although some men are prejudiced with this hat model, the caps are very popular and stripped down via The curved flap models are more common in the sporty style, and can fall very well with sneakers, T-shirts and shorts. Simple? But always with style!

Already the models of straight flap have an imposing urban style , but also can be used in looks that mix the social with the sport. How about a khaki pants, a jeans shirt and a cap of the same color as our Ferricelli Men’s Leather Bound Tennis Shoes ? Lots of football players and artists do well in this style!

Palheta Or Boater Hat

Braided in straw, the paltata or boater hat became very famous in its style “malandro”, because it was used by bohemians and sambistas. This model blends perfectly with light shirts, shorts and moccasins. A surprise is that he gets very interesting in social costumes, dare and try!

Panama Hat

Did you know that Panama hat was born in Ecuador! Curious, is not it? This model is an excellent joker, which on summer days combines with social looks, beach looks and even a simple bermuda + drive + polo shirt set.

Fedora Hat

Have you watched the movie The Godfather? Did you like the hats worn by mobsters? They were from the fedora model! Classics, very common in Italy, have spread throughout the world combining well with social clothes, overcoats and looks that mix classic and modern pieces. Ever imagined a brown fedora with a beautifulsocial shoe, belt, purse and watch in the same shade? Very stylish!

Do you know the new Wide Fedora Hat?

With elongated tabs the Wide Fedora came with everything in 2016. It has odd versatility and can be used with various look options. Long line shirts, jeans shirts and all black style always combine with a men’s cotton and wide fedora.


The beret is another joker model to compose various looks. During the day, it can be worn with social clothing or fine sportswear, giving an elegant touch to your style. At night, it becomes an exotic accessory for ballad, bar or dinner.