Tips …-Gloves, Belts and Hats

The accessories have increasingly been taking the lead when it comes to style and creating unique collections, no matter what season it is.

However, in the winter there are some accessories that become truly essential, since in addition to style, protect and warm: we talk about gloves and hats and belts that help to tuck any part and give elegance.

The hats are one of the most wanted accessories this winter. Give elegance to any set, warm your head, neck and ears and still protect from rain.

In the choice of your or their hats always regard your style and your type of face.

Tips: for a rainy day, waterproof hats, doing together with your cover, are a comfortable and practical option. On colder days, the wool hat and the mesh caps are the best option in cold and wind protection.

Some tips in time to wear a hat: use unobtrusive earrings and necklaces. You can create different visuals with the same hat, with applications, pins and ribbons.

If is of small stature, avoid hats with wide brims.

The belt, before being chosen, must be first into account the your body type.

Hint: the seat belts should serve to enhance, not to mark one part of the body which has certain fats. Know that the belts with patterns and strong colors they call more attention, so only use if you have a perfect body.

In relation to this winter, belts appear both too wide as well, the choice is your.

The gloves are our third and final suggestion for accessory this winter.

This winter, these appear in all colors and different models. Will the neutral colors to stronger and with standards and applications.

Since the traditional gloves, medium sized, high, everything is possible this winter.

The choice of the model of color and fabric type depends on your taste, style and wardrobe.

See you soon with more tips …