Tips for the Winter

Winter has arrived and it’s time to get the beautiful coats, scarves and other accessories that we can only use this season. To compose a look of winter the main is to keep warm but still fashionable, so nothing better than betting on accessories that make the more charming and complete.

With a range of accessories that will make you even more beautiful, the Chic Trend broke up some items that will complete your next look of winter:

Accessories for winter Chic Trend

Handkerchiefs and Scarves

Scarves, stoles and scarves help to complement a look, and are the main accessories for winter. Coordinating with the boots, the coat and the other accessories, you can bet on prints and patterns to make the look at the tone that you want.


The hats are good allies to keep the head warm with plenty of style. In this case the tip is to combine with the kind of look you want if it is something more Boho, a floppy hat is requested. We have a really nice post with Hat tips, check out here.

Caps and gloves

The caps and gloves are for use when the cold is not so nice. The caps have as main material wool, and currently the template that does the heads of fashionistas is the CAP model, with greater length. For being of wool or leather gloves heat up one of the most exposed: our hands. They leave visual very elegant and perfect for this time of year.