Tips for Storing Shoes

The shoes! Another one of those things that we usually have heaps. Who collects them and there is that, although he does, has a pair for every occasion and for every set. I can tell you that it is not my case, the shoes I’m pretty minimalist and I have only two or three pairs per season, in addition to any special occasion or for it when I go to the mountain.

But I recognize that store the shoes can be a problem. The ideal is to have them all together (rule order, basic sort by categories) and in the case of not having enough space save the off-season in some attic or under the couch until you get the time to use them.

But how we can place that we often use? So today I leave you a few ideas that you can inspire.

1. use the stairs

Now I’ve told you once, but is it seems a fantastic idea use this wasted space to store things and find cabinets, drawers or shelves in the hollow of the stairs.

  1. under of the bedAnother place that is ideal for storing shoes by height. IKEA offers us this diy with a table of wood and wheels, but a pallet or even an old slat would give us a much more personal air.

We also find in the market canapés with a special area to store footwear.

  1. removable sliding shelvesAnother very practical idea is to use removable shelves, great to win in standard width cabinets space and that the back row is not us too hidden. You can find them at Ikea or any manufacturers of wardrobes.

4 removable side cabinets

If we have cabinets very deep is very handy to create a removable shelf with rail, avoiding very deep shelves that make not well see shoes that are more backward and so can all easily accessible.

5 shelves in sight

Only allowed in dressing rooms or if our shoes are wonderful and are extra clean and in an impeccable State. Abstain with shoes out, old-fashioned or too used, in this case we can use cases and to distinguish them easily using a photo as a label.

6 showcases

New cabinets for storing things, and if it can be recovered and restored cabinets. A wonder that will look good and perfectly integrates in the decoration.

7 furniture shoe rack

The idea is not very original, but they occupy little space, and often combine well anywhere and almost any style. Lots of variety with different materials, different colors and various sizes according to the space that we have found in the market. That Yes, forget about keeping boots in them.

8 cart multifunction Ikea

Suitable only for those who have a few shoes and ideal for small spaces. This Ikea truck got me crazy, serves for everything and is anywhere, even as zapatero what do you think?

9 hung

And in keeping with the tendency to leave our shoes, especially if they are worth admiring and heel, in this case, do you think hang them as if it were a work of art?

10 shoemakers DIY

No, I do not forget… I always have a corner for the diy, because I love them and are the most original tips. So I leave a few inspiring ideas for those weekends that you don’t know how to do.

There is no excuse for not having shoes saved and sorted.

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