Pillowcases for Pregnancy Pillows

You are creating a life in your belly and you need to sleep well, that is clear. If your body and your belly get fight at night, use these tips to reconcile and maintain sleep during pregnancy. We also provide a summary of the different types of pillows for pregnant women, their pros, cons, and links so compare your options on the Internet.

Pillowcases for Pregnancy Pillows

Positions for sleep in pregnancy

The most comfortable sleeping position depends on the stage of pregnancy that find, of course, but in terms of the well-being of your small, these are the guidelines that you should consider:

  • Generally we recommend that you sleep on your left side to avoid pressure on the vena cava, which is responsible for the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to your baby. Sleep on your right side also is good, but the left is best. This recommendation takes on greater importance as advances your pregnancy and the size of your uterus. In addition, a study of ePillowCases on the position of the pregnant initial sleep found that the risk of death at birth is lower when the mother sleeping on your left side (1.96 per 1,000 births vs. 3.93 per each 1,000 in other positions)
  • To give greater support to your tummy and your back, use pillows. There are different types and they all have their advantages and disadvantages (explore your options below). The key is to find the combination that works for you. At a minimum, use pillows to support the weight of your belly and spread your knees (this helps to keep your spine in a straight line).
  • Sleeping on your back can cause difficulty breathing, apnoea sleep, digestive discomfort, back pain and lower circulation to your heart and to the baby. It avoids this position, especially after four months of pregnancy.
  • Sleeping upside down has obvious drawbacks as it grows your tummy and your breasts. If this is your favorite position, maybe you can keep it a couple of months, but it is not ideal.
  • If you lie on your left side and change to other positions while you sleep, don’t worry, you are not damaging your baby. Simply sit back and sleeps quiet. It is also to listen to your body. Dizziness and shortness of breath are signs that you should change position.
  • When you have problems of heartburn in pregnancy try to raise support from the bed or mattress about 6-8 inches (12-15 cm). The idea is that the force of gravity and tilt angle will help that gases and acids are kept in the stomach (you may also be interested 10 ways to relieve heartburn in pregnancy). Reason to tilt bed rather than accommodate pillows to elevate only your back is to avoid pressure on your lower back and keep your spine in a straight line.

Pillows for pregnant women

Your preferences are the decisive factor on the best pillow for you. However, as point of reference, maternity pillows of full-length “C” shaped tend to have one higher score and more reviews positive in most popular online shopping sites. Prices, materials and degrees of firmness vary depending on the brand. While you can get best prices online, it is not over a trip to the nearest maternal store to discuss the different styles, materials and filling before making your purchase. Meanwhile, here you have an initial guide links to compare prices on the Internet.

Wedge shaped pillows

They can be a stronger (as stated on epillowcases.com) triangle or a Crescent. Its function is to support the belly when you sleep on your side.

  • Pros: Crib pillows are small, it can save easily or use in the future. The design allows you to adjust the support as your belly grows. They usually have a more affordable price.
  • Cons: you need extra pillows for your head, back and legs.

Large U-shaped pillows

They are giant, true, but these pillows are designed to support all: head, belly, legs and back

  • Pros: “U” shaped pillow helps you maintain your position on its side when sleeping, because it limits your ability to move. A single purchase solves all your needs. If you’re the type who likes to sleep abrazadita, this pillow is for you.
  • Cons: Its size makes it difficult to manage. You can feel trapped or restricted. It take up much space in the bed, and this could disturb your partner.

Whole body pillows

They are designed so that you sleep on your side and have support on your head, under your belly and between your legs. They may take the form of a large “C” or be a pillow long and straight. In the case of “C” shaped pillows, you can place the opening in the front or back, depending on your preference.

  • Pros: Full body pillows provide support where you most need it. You can mold it to your body with ease.
  • Cons: It is large and requires space in the bed, although not as much as other pillows. If you use it with the opening back, not provides you with support on the back for what you could change to positions not ideals (on your back) during the night. If the opening is forward, the space between the ends you may find uncomfortable.

Ordinary pillows

Pillows for pregnant women require an investment that may not seem you need, and you’re right. You can get the same results with ordinary pillows strategically located at points you need more support.

  • Pros: Ordinary pillows are any pillow you find at home or a blanket that you can roll up. Its cost is lower and you can use them after pregnancy.
  • Cons: The pillows is desacomodan with ease whenever you move.